[How to make corn pancakes]_Corn making_How to make


[How to make corn pancakes]_Corn making_How to make

Corn pancakes are made with corn flour and noodles. We mix corn flour with warm water to form a dough, then roll the dough into thin layers, and finally cook the thin layers. If there is a pancake machine, it is more convenientWe can spread out the corn dough directly on the machine and bake it naturally golden brown, and then add ham, lettuce and pork floss to the corn thin layer and eat.

1 cup of corn flour, 2 eggs, 1 sugar.

25 teaspoons, 160 ml of milk

Beat the eggs, stir in the white sugar, mix with corn flour, and add milk to make a thin paste.


Heat the pan, change to medium heat, cut a few drops of oil with a spatula, scoop a spoonful of corn paste into the center of the pan, and gently shake the pan to make the corn paste spread naturally into thin pancakes.can.

Tip 1.

Corn flour is hoarse, and milk can be changed to water.


For pancakes, add a few drops of oil to the pan from time to time to prevent the tortillas from sticking to the bottom.


The leftovers can be stored in bags and refrigerated. Bake in the oven for a few minutes or bake on a pan before eating again. It will be a new method. Ingredients Corn noodles 50G white noodles 40G eggs 1 soybean oil amount of white sugarPut it into a pot, then pour in the flour, beat an egg into the pot, and add water. Stir and add water until the flour becomes a paste in the batter. Add an appropriate amount of sugar. If you like sweet, you can put a little more.If you do n’t like to eat it, you can stir the batter even if you do n’t put it, then brush the pan with oil, heat the batter, and use a spoon to pour the batter into the pan. Spread the batter into a round shape.In the pan, the small cakes are formed one by one. If the cake is larger, pour more and then push it away with a spoon. Dama does not recommend making large cakes because it is not easy to turn the cake and the fire is not uniform., You can turn over, then pour the appropriate amount of soybean oil into the pot, the cake is formed, you can push them together, more accurate, and then pour new batter in the empty position, so that the speed, the cake at any timeTurn over and wait until the pan is fried on both sides黄, And on the familiar, can pan into the dish, style yellow is very beautiful, is not very fast, very simple, the key is, it is still delicious, thick egg smell, sweet and soft