Indoor humidity is kept below 55% in winter



Indoor humidity is kept below 55% in winter

In order to make allergic patients better through the winter, the American Association of Allergy, Hypertension and Immunology (ACAAI) recommends the following recommendations: 1.

The indoor humidity is kept below 55%.

銆€銆€The humidifier can reduce the dryness in winter, but if the humidity in the room is too large and the air is too overlapping, the dust mites will also be used. Therefore, the indoor humidification should be adequate.


Make sure the furnace filter rating MERV (US filter rating) is 11 or 12.

銆€銆€The filter should be replaced every three months to prevent dust and other allergens from injuring health.

By the same token, the filter should be cleaned before use.


Take special measures to ensure that there are no allergens in the bedroom.

銆€銆€Former US allergy, hypertension and immunology society president, allergic expert Dr. Milang Zit said that to prevent pets and pet hair from entering the bedroom, shields and pillows should use dust shields.

In addition, the curtains are best to choose easy to clean blinds.


Improve the quality of household cleaning.

銆€銆€Wash sheets and stuffed toys with hot water every two weeks.

Use a vacuum cleaner with HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Air Filter).

Allergic patients should wear N95 masks when removing dust (the mask designated by the United States to prevent tubercle bacilli).


Keep the room ventilated.

銆€銆€In particular, the bedroom and kitchen should be kept ventilated (open the fan if necessary) to prevent mold growth due to excessive skipping.


Prevent toxic gas pollution.

銆€銆€If the garage is connected to the house, then toxic gases or fumes should be prevented from inducing manual use.

Insecticides, gasoline barrels and other irritants should be sealed and stored.


Prevent the decorations from getting dusty.

銆€銆€Books and trinkets should be placed in the box; the number of indoor plants (bonsai) is limited; the furniture is best chosen for leather appearance for easy cleaning.