Itchy ear


Itchy ear

In spring, the weather is dry and there are too many floats in the air. The facial features exposed to the air are most susceptible to allergies.

  Fan Yongping, director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing Tiantan Hospital, introduced some simple methods of traditional Chinese medicine that can protect the facial features through spring.

  Many people love itchy ears in the spring. If you use your fingers or ear-pick to stimulate itching, it will cause local burning and pain. There is a simple way to soak the water with sophora flavescens and white staff and apply a cotton swab.The ear canal can effectively prevent itching caused by ear canal inflammation.

  Spring eyes are easy to dry. The easiest way to protect your eyes is to drink chrysanthemum tea often. Chrysanthemum can clear your liver and eyesight. Due to the dryness and itching that easily occur in spring.

  Friends with allergic noses can use a cotton swab dipped in a little sesame oil to moisten the nasal cavity. In the spring, it is particularly prone to dry throat or foreign body blockage. In addition to eating some sweet and juicy fruits such as pears, citrus, etc., you can alsoChoose to drink tea with Luo Han Guo.