3 early signs of baby malnutrition


3 early signs of baby malnutrition

The 4-year-old Mingming has always been loved by his parents and neighbors for his livelyness, laughter, and willingness to make friends.

But in recent months, the little guy often has a serious face and a perverse temper. He gets angry and even hits people by hand. A few good friends have left him.

Parents brought Mingming to the hospital for various tests, and the results showed that weight, height, head circumference and other developmental indicators were normal, but from the mother ‘s narrative, the doctor found that there was too much sweet in the diet, and the crux of the problem was found-Excessive intake of sugar and excessive consumption of vitamin B1 cause severe deterioration of the B1 required to supply the nervous system. As a result, mood changes occur. Medically it is called “glucosic psychotic irritability” and belongs to the category of malnutrition.

The cure is to limit sweets and supplement vitamin B1.

  Obviously parents are very puzzled, isn’t that weight loss, weight loss, anemia, etc. are malnutrition?

Children ca n’t stand up to these, how can it be true . Of course, stunting, wasting and even anemia, beriberi, rickets and other nutritional deficiencies are indeed indicators of judging whether a child has malnutrition, but once the child gets worseAt one point, its health and development have suffered considerable damage.

Is there an earlier signal?

The expert’s answer is yes, some of the following are worth the attention of parents.

  A large number of research data on mood changes show that, as apparently, the mood is not good, especially when abnormal changes occur, it should be suspected that some of its nutrients have been deficient.


Depressed, unresponsive, numb expression, indicating lack of protein and iron in the body, should eat more aquatic products, meat, dairy products, livestock and poultry blood, egg yolk and other high protein, high iron foods.


Worry, panic, insomnia and forgetfulness, indicating that the body’s B vitamins are inadequate. At this time, supplementing with some legumes, animal liver, walnut kernels and other foods rich in B vitamins can greatly benefit.


Perseverance and timidity, mostly caused by insufficient intake of vitamins A, B, C and calcium, so animal liver, fish, shrimp, milk, fruits and vegetables and other foods should be supplemented.

  Behaving abnormally 1.

Do not love interaction, lonely behavior, awkward movements, mostly the result of lack of vitamin C in the body, foods that increase intake of vitamins such as tomatoes, oranges, apples, cabbage and lettuce are the best treatment methods.

The mystery is that the methyl salicylate and vitamin C contained in these foods can enhance the information transmission function of the nerves, thereby alleviating or eliminating the above symptoms.


Behavior is not commensurate with age, it is childish and ridiculous compared with children of the same age, indicating that amino acid absorption is insufficient, and increasing high protein foods such as lean meat, beans, milk, eggs and so on are imperative.


Molar at night, twitching hands and feet, easy to wake up, often lack of calcium signal, foods such as green vegetables, dairy products, fish floss, shrimp skin should be added in time.


I like to eat confetti, cinder, and soil, and the behavior is called “epiphagia”, which is mostly related to the lack of iron, zinc, manganese and other mineral elements in the body.

Kelp, fungus, mushrooms, and other zinc-containing impurities, and high levels of zinc and manganese in seafood such as poultry and oysters, should be the ideal dish for this kind of child.

  Facial “worm spots” Facial “worm spots” refer to one or more pieces of hypopigmentation, round or oval patches of a child’s shell, which are initially red, then turned pale, with clear edges, covered with a small amount of fine scales.And there was mild itching.

In addition to the face, it can also be seen on the upper arm, implant or shoulder.

People believe that this spot is a sign of tapeworm parasites in the child’s stomach, so it is called “worm spot”.

But this is not the case.

This change, which is characterized by superficial, dry scaly, light-colored spots, is actually a skin disease, called pure pityriasis, originating from vitamin deficiency, and is also an early sign of malnutrition.

So when your child has “worm spots”, do n’t take the insect repellent just for this. The correct way is to adjust the recipe, increase the variety of food, and supplement the vitamins. If necessary, it should be under the guidance of a doctor.Take vitamins.