[Can I eat cantaloupe with shrimp?


]_ Shrimp

[Can I eat cantaloupe with shrimp?
]_ Shrimp

Medically speaking, cantaloupe is indeed a kind of food that can help people treat diseases, especially in terms of blood supply.

For many female friends, because they are usually affected by menstruation, it must be easily broken down in the body. It is better to eat some cantaloupe tonicate the blood.

At the same time, Chinese medicine believes that cantaloupe can still clear heat and cough, so can I eat cantaloupe after eating shrimp?

Shrimp and melon are best not eaten together.

1, seafood are cold, and cantaloupe is also cold, eat together more easily diarrhea.

This is why you eat seafood with diced vinegar with ginger, because it is more delicious, but ginger is warm and can replace the cold.

2. In addition, people with allergies are generally not suitable for eating shrimp and cantaloupe.

If you have a history of allergies, it is best not to eat fruit immediately after eating shrimp to avoid causing allergies.

Precautions: 1. Handle the cantaloupe with care and do not hurt the skin.

The injured melon is easily spoiled and cannot be stored.

Cantaloupe is cold and should not be eaten too much to avoid causing diarrhea.

2, cantaloupe contains sugar impurities, people with diabetes should take caution.

Cantaloupe is oval or olive-shaped.

Its color is fruit green with netting, golden yellow, cyan and so on.

Use your nose to smell the melons, which are generally scented and of moderate maturity.

If there is no fragrance or indifferent fragrance, it is less mature and you can eat it later.

3, you can touch your hand when picking melon. If the melon is suitable for Microsoft, the maturity is relatively moderate.

If it is too hard, it is not too familiar; if it is too soft, it is too mature.

Melon is light green and crispy when eaten. If it is golden yellow, it tastes sticky and soft and juicy.

4. People with beriberi, jaundice, bloating, constipation, cold cough, and postpartum and postpartum patients should not eat more; so pregnant women can eat cantaloupe properly during pregnancy and do not eat it after delivery

Because cantaloupe is cold.

It is best not to eat if you have a cold body.