[How to make bean sprouts?


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[How to make bean sprouts?
】 _How to do_How to do

Bean sprouts are a kind of food that people like very much. The nutritional value of bean sprouts is very high. Vitamins and other minerals are one of the excellent ingredients to supplement the body. The bean sprouts are very convenient to make, even at home.Therefore, people who like to eat bean sprouts can learn about the specific method of growing bean sprouts. Let’s take a look at how to make bean sprouts.

1. Select large, full and round soybeans, put them into a pot, pour tap water, and soak them.

Soak until the soybeans appear to start, and drain the water.

If the room is warm, this process will probably take half a day.

2. Wet a clean cloth with water and cover the beans.

Then find a warm place to put it.

Do not place in direct sunlight.

3. Next, to see that most of the beans have already sprouted, carefully select them and pick out the beans that have not sprouted.

Then depending on how many bean sprouts are ready to be grown, choose the right pot.

The best way is to find a pot of the right size and a breakthrough below, carefully put the germinated beans into it, taking care not to touch the small buds that just came out.

Then look for a pot that is slightly larger than the one just now, and not leaking.

Take a board or two sticks while traveling on a complete pot. In short, place the cracked pot on top, and be careful not to block the leaky hole.

4. Then it’s watering.

When first watering, tap water evenly from the beans, and gradually let each bean be poured into the water.

Water flows down the cracks of the beans, flows out of the cracks in the basin, and flows into the basin below.

When watering in the future, use the water stored in the pot below.

5. When it grows high enough, you can eat it.

When pulling, you can give priority to the place where the bean sprouts are densely packed, so as to make room for the bean sprouts below.

Remove the bean sprouts to scoop up the roots, pick out the remaining bean pods, wash the bean sprouts, and you are ready to cook.

Note: 1. The whole process must not have a little oil, the bean sprouts will rot.

2. Cover the cloth as it is after each watering, and keep the cloth moist.