Heartfelt words of urban men and women!


Heartfelt words of urban men and women!

1. The deeper and deeper the relationship, the more specific the concern, from elegant to vulgar, from spiritual to physical.

When in love, she asked him, “Are you in a good mood?

“After marriage, she asked him,” Is this fish 6 yuan a catty expensive? ”

“Or is your hemorrhoid okay?”

“2, beautiful is the pass for women-just an old saying, can be considered unbreakable truth.

Obviously it was sugar-coated shells. In the end, it might not have won the beauty, but she just flattered her.

And those women who lack visual effects still clearly have good medicine. Because of the bitterness, men often cannot make up their mind to marry her.

  3. Marriage is an umbrella.

With it, it is naturally comfortable during the storm, but in more bland weather, it is unavoidable to add an umbrella.

  4. The woman asked “Do you love me?”

“The man replied,” I like you.

The man asked. “Why don’t you accept me?”

The woman replied, “You can find better than me.”

-It seems that men and women like to use synonyms, but there is an extra layer of skin on the banana, or a needle hidden in the cotton.

  5. The wife is like clothes-the fashion is so changing, and the excess of clothes is becoming more expensive; men do not have a good thing-but it is the biggest replacement market for women after all.

  6. When in love, men liken women to stars, birds, angels, and other things related to the sky; when gratitude is broken, men take the sky as their own and put the loved woman back to the ground.

  7, the older the wife and his wife, the more the longer they look.

Some people say that because they love each other.

However, the doctor said that the cause was the day and night to get along, the diet structure is the same, the schedule is synchronized.

At the same time, the leaves on the tree grow longer and more similar.

  8. Older unmarried men and women seem to have taken a bus stop.

Sometimes it ‘s because the seats on the bus are so comfortable that you simply do n’t want to get off the bus; sometimes it ‘s because you do n’t know the platform you should get off.

What about men and women who are not married for life?

They are bus drivers.

  9. It is a miracle to go from a plum tree to a horse before the moon.

Just like when I was planning to walk from Beijing to Guangzhou, there was always a tempting voice along the way: “get on the bus.”

It’s hard for your feet to move forward.

  10, I am very busy-when I heard this, my parents were worried about the health of the child; my friend thought that the brother had a successful career; his wife immediately felt that she was burdened with housework; her girlfriend burst into tears and she began to knowHis place in his mind may not be as important as his career, even a signal or excuse for breaking up.

  11. What is the most adventurous group of people discussing what modern is doing?

Mountain climbing, gliding, extreme sports . everything is said.

In fact, emotion is the greatest risk, and it is the same at any time.

Because of all kinds of risky behaviors, but the emotional torture makes life worse.

  12. Lovers are animals and loved ones are plants.

If love is rejected, of course, it is the animal that leaves, because the plant will not produce feet to run.

  13. Xu Meijing had a song called “Your Smoking Cigarette” and wrote an infatuated woman who ran through the town to buy his cigarette.

In the movie “After the Twilight”, the female ghost stood behind Liang Jiahui and asked the clerk: Is there an ERE cigarette?

There is also “the light taste of tobacco in your fingers, the taste of love in memory.

“-Why is it always smoke, rather than something else that evokes women’s memory?There is only one explanation: the dedication of men to cigarette brands corresponds to the dedication of women to love.

  14. Someone confessed to the priest, who hid a person at home during World War II and took his rent.

The priest comforted that it was never wrong.

However, the person asked, should I tell him that the war is over?

-When we believe that love is still there, after all, it has passed, and we do not want to face the reality, as if we are in the dark.

The question is: who is collecting our “rents”?

  15. There is love first and then sex, and then sex and then love, just like the egg and then the chicken, and the chicken and then the egg. It is difficult to say that it can only be truth and can be more noble than the other.

  16. Men’s biggest secrets often tell Hong Yan confidant, not the same sex, family or wife.

When Hong Yan’s confidant became a wife, this part of her power was immediately cancelled.

This is called gains and losses.

  17. Many singers singing love songs have never loved. This is the most ridiculous thing, and the most reasonable thing.

I will never sing so intoxicated once I have loved.

  18. With a house of her own, an unmarried woman is like a few years younger than she is empty, and she has the patience to slowly choose her lover.

A man asks a woman for advice: Let ‘s rent a house first, and then buy a house after we ‘ve saved money and married?

Female answer: Then I might as well rent my husband first.

  19. Marriage is the keyboard, and there are too many orders and rules; love is the mouse.

Men are more important than the host, and memory is the most important; women are like monitors and everything can be seen.

  20. Good women are men’s schools.

The good woman hopes that this good student will never graduate.

  21. An unmarried woman sighs: Why are mature men and good men all turned into husbands, and none of the unmarried men is decent?

Someone reminded her that the wives cultivated good husbands were self-produced and self-sold.

  22. Remember the love on the lawn or in the shade of the university or park?

Nowadays, the lawn is replaced by imported turf, and the trees are becoming fewer and fewer.

  23, a rock singer sang: find a girlfriend, or a dog?

Today it is time for the golden bird to say: a boyfriend and a dog at the same time.

  24. Men often distinguish their partners at work from their partners in life. Therefore, he would like to work with strong women and fall in love with gentle women. He would drink and drink tea with the former. Therefore, in The Fallen Angel, The killer Lim and Li Jiaxin partner for many years is still a business relationship, and the street girl Mo Wenwei fell in love.

  25, I am ugly, but I am gentle-today’s men and women adapted Zhao’s version: I am not perfect, but I am real; I am not beautiful, but I am cool; I am not rich, but I am happyI am unsuccessful, but I am confident; I am not passionate, but I know how to cherish.

  26, birthday is a stage, a test, an opportunity.

Men are more likely to take advantage of this when they are in love; women are more likely to take advantage of this when they are married.

  27. Some people on the radio often sing songs, hoping that the person in love may hear it.

It may be very small to hear, but often miracles happen.

Some people say that love is a high fever, but love is a miracle.

There is no more miracle than the typical love in life. It can make people change from ugly to beautiful, and make impossible things possible.

  28, Zhang Xiaoxian said: The prodigal son turned back, not because of you, but because he was tired.

It’s like drowsiness hitting a pillow and going out on a sunny day.

But with the words “because you”, the breakthrough made her full of sense of accomplishment.

  29. When I was young, I took a lot of photos and put them in the living room for others to see; when I was old, I realized that the photos were taken for myself.

A thick shot of life is in front of me, saving even writing memoirs.

  30. When I was a kid, I took 20 buns at a time as my ideal life. I was very happy. After earning more than 5,000 a month, I still couldn’t feel happy.

When career, love, family, money are everything, people often lack one thing-a sense of robbery.The desire to keep the bottom line is happy.