How to solve the crisis of workplace development after the 1980s



How to solve the crisis of workplace development after the 1980s

If the data in the China Statistical Yearbook is used, the number of people born between 1980 and 1989 is about 2.

04 million, which means that about 200 million people in the country have flooded into or are flooding into the big family of society, becoming a new round of career force.

When the group gradually entered the stage of the work after the 80s, when the first batch of 80s had already walked on the road of Pentium III, the “30s and 30s” became the focus of social attention again.

銆€銆€鈥淎fter graduating, I entered the public in 3 years鈥? 鈥淭his year’s personal account deposit reached 150,000鈥? After 10 years ago, the 80s used this kind of ambition to enter the workplace. Today, 10 years later, the 80s and the original set the ideal.There are very few career development goals.

For most post-80s, it is undeniable that their career development has entered a “short-term period.”

銆€銆€Case 1: I don’t want to change jobs, how to break through?

銆€銆€Professional business card Licm male 30 Beijing University undergraduate human resources director working time 7 years Licm is one of the first batch of “30-year-old” family after entering the 80s this year, has been working in a small business since graduation, due toThe scale of work capacity has expanded. The number of positions in the first four years after graduation has been continuously improved. From one year to another, from the assistant of human resources department to the current director of human resources, the scale of the company has expanded from more than 20 people to more than 300 people.

It has been almost three years since I was appointed as the Director of Personnel. I am already familiar with my job, but the position cannot be raised any more, and the salary is still in place.

Licm felt as if he had encountered development and progress. He didn’t know what to do next.

Considering the experience of growing up with the company for 7 years, it is difficult to give up. He does not want to change by job-hopping. Then, how can the original company break through the occupation to replace it?

銆€銆€Dongchao, a career guidance expert from, recommends that when people with too many years of work experience face professional choices, it is important that you love this profession, not a position. Professional development will not get certain positions to explain you.the value of.

Like licm, he is fortunate and persistent in the field of human resources and has not changed easily, thus making up for the alternative foundation for the gradual success of the future career path.

But don’t limit yourself to a company, but to be in an industry, there will be long-term development.

銆€銆€”If you do not leave the company, expand and strengthen the learning and exchanges with people in the same industry, participate in higher-level training to enhance the knowledge structure; substitute, from the actual situation of the enterprise, transform the department from governance to development, develop the potential of employees, helpEmployees surpass themselves and create new career development goals.

In addition, according to their own personality characteristics, hobbies and other comprehensive considerations to the direction of the CEO, pay attention to finance, market, sales and other work, or apply for a change of posts, to work for the quality of the CEO.

Dong Chao said.

銆€銆€Case 2: Jump or not, how to choose?

銆€銆€Professional business card Sking female 27-year-old Southern National People’s University full-time office manager working time 6 years Sking is a second-tier city graduated from a junior college student. After graduating, he did not feel suitable after doing a few jobs in the local area. After three years of graduation, he went to Shanghai.

Sking has been working for a Guangdong electronics company in Shanghai, and has been promoted from an ordinary customer service staff to an office manager through three years of hard work.

At the end of last year, the company’s personnel changes, the head of the office needs to be transferred back to the headquarters, the leader recommended Sking to replace the head of the Shanghai office, but was rejected by the headquarters.

The reason is that because of the low academic qualifications and lack of professionalism, unless the company’s situation is well understood, it still needs more tempering for the overall control.

Sking feels wronged. I think that the efforts and efforts in the past three years have not been affirmed. I feel that I have no hope of rising and I am tempted to change jobs. However, I feel that it is a pity to give up this job. After all, I am not able to find an ideal job in Shanghai., jump or not, how to choose?

銆€銆€Dong Chao, a career guidance expert from, suggested that Sking felt aggrieved because he did not get the approval of the headquarters, but he was confused about the uncertainty of the future and he encountered obstacles to development.

Sking can be continuously upgraded within 3 years and is led as a candidate. Although it is not recognized by the headquarters, it also shows that her ability, loyalty, etc. are in line with the company’s requirements and expectations.

Not recognized, the reasons are many, the degree is only one.

As the person in charge, in addition to business capabilities, it also needs organizational management, personnel management, coordination with the head office and many other capabilities.

Next, Sking can adjust his mindset and continue to choose to improve his education and improve his knowledge structure and reserves while continuing to do his job well.

At the same time, learn and exercise the abilities required for the position of the person in charge, and actively maintain communication with the headquarters, so that the headquarters can gradually understand and accept themselves.

銆€銆€Dong Chao, a professional guidance expert of Yingcai Network, said that the above case is the epitome of the current situation of the workplace after the 80s. How to deal with the workplace after the 80s, the key lies in the long-term planning of the profession and the steady state of mind.

Career choice is actually a balanced decision under a variety of conditions. When career development is facing difficulties, many people first think of making a “decision” for their career development by means of job-hopping.The risk and blindness, only in combination with their own situation, a correct understanding of the world of work, and grasp the essence of professional development, will successfully pass the stay period and enter a new and broader career space.