[Can the scorpion eat?]_ Action_How to make


[Can the scorpion eat?]_ Action_How to make

Because there is a certain toxin in the tail of the scorpion, most people think that the scorpion is a highly toxic substance.

So when certain people see others eating scorpions, they often cannot understand.

In fact, scorpions are not edible, and they can exert a very good health effect on the human body.

In particular, fried scorpions are an irreplaceable food in the minds of too many people. In addition, do scorpions have some way of eating?

How to eat good scorpions 1, scorpions eat fried fried scorpions are delicious on earth, you can eliminate wind, cough, and pain.

Also beauty.

However, it is better to fry live scorpions, with good nutritional taste.

The scorpion’s poison will be destroyed under high temperature. Generally, 30 animals will not be poisoned.

Fried scorpions, this is the most common way to eat scorpions, and it is also the safest way to eat, and the taste of fried scorpions is still very good. Therefore, in reality, there are often people who come to fry scorpions.Buy back the scorpion and make fried scorpion at home.

However, for the sake of life safety, it is best not to buy scorpions and come back to eat them by yourself. That is very dangerous.

2. The scorpion eating scorpion bamboo scorpion fish production method: 2000 grams of clear soup plus 197 grams of salt to open, put 40 live scorpions, put spit in the belly and detoxification, generally 4?
After 6 hours, you can fry in the pan and remove the chopped velvet for later use.

Cut grass carp boneless skin into 4 cm thick and 6 cm wide, cut into 4 knives with a knife, a total of 10 pieces, put into the bowl and add cooking wine, salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, onion and ginger to marinate15 minutes.

Make the shiitake mushrooms 3 cm long, 1.

5 cm wide carton sheet, cut the ham and shiitake into the same size, take out the marinated 4 saury, sandwich one slice of ham, sandwich the freshly chopped scorpion velvet, and sandwich one shiitake mushroom.

Divide the scorpion antler into 10 portions and finish it once.

Take fresh bamboo and cut it in half with a knife. Use a knife to pat into half a bamboo board, and repair the other half with a knife. The whole scorpion bamboo board fish is carved. Then take a flat bamboo board and spread a bamboo leaf with the words.The meat of shiitake mushroom scorpion and ham is covered with a bamboo leaf, and then covered with a bamboo board engraved with the words “Scorpion Bamboo Fish”.

Steamed in the basket for 18 minutes until cooked, you can decorate with a few bamboo leaves and serve.

3, Scorpion how to eat scorpion lotus leaf chicken production: 1000 grams of clear soup with 100 grams of refined salt, add fresh whole scorpion, let it continue to drink clear soup and spit the mud in the stomach, wait 4?
Remove it in 6 hours, remove the hot and fried 70% and 70%, and remove 10 pieces of fried shrimp crisps for later use.

Put the sliced chicken breast into the bowl, cut the mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms into the bowl, add the salt, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine, spring onion and ginger, stir and marinate.

Take 3 lotus leaves into 10 fan-shaped slices, wrap the marinated chicken into 10 lotus leaves, and steam them in the basket for 10 minutes.

The harm of scorpion venom to human body Scorpion, like fish, shrimp, crab and other animal foods, contains quite a lot of protein.

However, this kind of protein is different from the protein in the human body. It is called alloprotein in medicine. Some foods that have been replaced by alloprotein can cause allergic reactions.

The symptoms of allergic reactions are different and the clinical manifestations are intricate. Some people will immediately experience itching, rubella or fever, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms after eating. It can also cause branch trachea discomfort and cause breathing difficulties; some people also have symptoms.Gastrointestinal symptoms such as drunkenness or abdominal pain, diarrhea.

Food allergies will cause different degrees of heart damage, which requires special attention.

In ancient Chinese medicine books, it was recorded that scorpion was poisonous, and its harm to human body penetrated.

In clinical practice, the medicinal amount of scorpion is small, and the daily dosage in traditional Chinese medicine decoction is 2?
5 grams, into the end of the pills, scattered, 0 each time.

1 gram, excessive use of scorpion can cause headache, dizziness, palpitation, irritability; in severe cases, blood pressure suddenly drops, dyspnea, cyanosis, coma, and finally death due to respiratory paralysis.

In addition, it may cause proteinuria, neurotoxicity, manifestations of ankylosing fractures of the masseter muscles, and exfoliative dermatitis.

Treating scorpions as expected to eat is naturally much larger than the amount injected, so we cannot ignore the harm of scorpion venom to the human body for the sake of food.