Science and technology board fund performance sharp face persecution paranoid patients


Science and technology board fund performance sharp face “persecution paranoid patients”
Source: Chives said that the investment community was 4 months from the establishment of the first batch of science and technology board funds.  How is it performing?  Directly on the chart.  The highest rose 25% and averaged 8.7%, cool?  Let’s take a closer look at the information and see that the first batch of science and technology funds rose significantly better. The earlier you buy, the more money you make.  Due to the early establishment of the fund, the construction of the warehouse was in time to catch up with the science and technology innovation board, and the increase in yield was very obvious. This money was given by the state (and also by the investors to the people).  The science and technology fund that was established later did not catch up with the first batch and could only participate in the new development.  Once again, the principle of “become famous early” is confirmed.  Specifically, the highest yield in the first batch is Southern Science and Technology, and the highest yield in the second batch is Rich Countries for 3 years. It is interesting that it surpassed the rich crop in the first batch and the highest yield in the third batch.It’s Central Europe.  I would like to specifically say that among investors, there are many patients who suffer from “persecution delusions”, and they always feel that what the regulatory authorities do is “hit me?”,” How could a country think of me about making money? “”Putting it where you like it has produced many authors who specialize in” anti-this and that “blogs.  For example, in the picture below, in 武汉夜网论坛 addition to the agency agency’s task-based singing and the author’s analysis, a large number of empty writers, probably the content is nothing more than to replace the previous popular funds to imitate.  This was also the case with strategic placement funds last year. Although CDR was scrapped and turned into a science and technology board, these funds have escaped last year’s big drop and the returns are quite good.  It is true that the scale of buying popular funds is often there, but there are two necessary conditions: (1) the market is at a high point; (2) retail self-issuance behavior; everyone sees the fund sales in the picture below, in most cases the fund sales and marketThe market is positively related, but there are three exceptions (red arrows): CSI 300 ETF in 12 years; strategic placement funds in 18 years; central government ETFs that are low in 18 years;Administrative intervention, otherwise it is simply impossible to sell so much.  (1) the market is at a low point; (2) administrative intervention; yes, this “explosion” is not another “explosion”, and no one wants to harm you.  Not to say that the administrative guidance must be correct, but investors must not demonize “administrative intervention”, and history will not be simply extrapolated, but in many cases, it is just a small projection of the story of “spreading stock subscription certificates” in the early 1990s.