Effectiveness: Has your marriage been reviewed annually?



Effectiveness: has your marriage been reviewed?

In an instant, it was our wedding anniversary.

We have been married for 13 years.

But I do not know from which year, we implemented the “annual review” of marriage, from the initial joke to the annual convention.

Every wedding anniversary, his wife cooks a few good dishes and buys a bottle of wine.

Although the wife never drinks, she also has two drinks at this time.

We look back at the wine table for a trivial “event” that has prevented marriage for a year.

The wife opened the red diary, which recorded my “inferiority”: “Marriage time: 53 times to go out ‘entertainment’, 15 times to get drunk late, and 7 times to get stomachache due to drunkenness.

Nursery project: According to the regulations, 66 times of homework inspections for children and 11 times of essay counseling for children are required.

Co-construction of the family: Basically, there is almost no housework, especially not washing clothes; cooking for the child 15 times while the wife is learning English, 10 of which are cooking instant noodles.

Marriage construction: When the wife invited her to dinner, she did n’t buy cakes, but also said that the cakes were expensive and not tasty, and that it meant that it was not worth spending money.Will live, only spend money arbitrarily; on Valentine’s Day, I still did not buy flowers for my lover, but bought two pig feet with sauce, and said repeatedly that it is much more affordable than buying flowers, so that my wife only eats half a pigFeet; the number of kisses to his wife from work to work is getting less and less, and it has dropped to 0 times in the past six months . “Nothing at all.

“I know you’re going to play tricks. You can see it all with your signature.”

“I wrote my signature in a densely packed book, and I suddenly understood. It turned out that every time I came back after drinking, my wife would take the book and smiled like a secretary and said to me,” Come, Sign here.

“I used to take a pen and signed it without even looking at it.

“Then I’m no good?

“Yes, apart from these bad things, all are worthy of praise.

“Then, the wife re-entered herself again. For the past year, she has suffered many deficiencies in marriage construction and family life.

As I was thinking about it, I didn’t dare to blame her for her shortcomings, so my big husband persuaded her: “It’s all right, these are trivial matters.

Who can make no mistakes?

I remember how many late-night rainy nights in the past year, and I was indulging in eating, drinking, and having fun outside. I never thought of my lover at home, holding the TV remote control in my memory.

Every weekend, I only care about banging in front of the computer, never taking care of my wife’s hard work hiding in the bathroom to wash clothes, and cleaning up the house’s fatigue.

“Marriage annual review” made me understand that, for marriage, the annual review allows us to reflect on what we have done in the marriage. Armor can better “repair” the boat of marriage and sail forever in the sea of life.The infinite joy of life.