Four steps to avoid awkward summer makeup



Four steps to avoid awkward summer makeup

Glamorous summer is also the season when makeup is most prone to problems!

Sweating, oiling, and sun exposure.

All these will reduce your overall styling index. If you encounter flower makeup damage again, it will inevitably cause your mood to fall to the lowest point!

How to make summer makeup look beautiful and fashionable without the trouble of taking off makeup?

  First of all: Maintain skin moisture before makeup. If you want to keep your makeup moisturized, the skin’s water retention must be sufficient at first.

You can consider removing the cuticles first, and then apply a moisturizing wet cloth mask or a cotton pad with a moisturizing and oil-controlling lotion before applying makeup.

After five to ten minutes, you will be surprised to find that the skin that is saturated with moisture is well applied, and it is evenly applied, making it difficult to remove makeup.

  One minute before makeup and ice, after morning maintenance, take out the cold towel that was put in the refrigerator freezer in advance, and gently step on the side for one minute. At the same time, it can absorb the shine of the previous care products, and it can withstand the cold temperature of the towel.Astringent sweat glands and sebaceous glands to help you delay the time of base makeup.

  The second step: the base makeup is light and long-lasting. Only a light base makeup with low oil content can be selected for long-lasting makeup, and even the makeup is not obvious.

For oily skin, you can choose wet and dry foundation. Dry skin for dry skin will be slightly dry and you can replace the thin foundation.

Regardless of whether it is two types of base makeup products, spreading with a sponge is the only rule to improve the degree of makeup.

When the weather is hot, you can spray or dampen the sponge with a spray and knead it. After putting it in the refrigerator for a few minutes, take it out. The makeup will be particularly fresh and long-lasting.

  Puff Puff Powder Makeup Makeup powder with makeup and oil control effect is a method that makeup artists like very much.

In order to maintain the consistency of the base makeup, you can learn Lin Xinru’s method, knead the powder puff with a sufficient amount of powder, pat the powder from the forehead to the face, and then use a clean powder puff to block the face again and suck the excessA powder that thoroughly blends the foundation into the skin.

  Use toner when spraying and fixing makeup. The spray helps to fix makeup. When the weather is hot, the effect of water is used to replace the general spray.

Put the iced refreshing astringent water in a small spray bottle, and gently spray it into the air. Look up and feel the comfort of the cold filaments evenly falling on the face, and the flawless self-confidence emerges all day long.

  Step 3: For eyebrow fixation, apply a thin eye shadow brush to the eyebrows. When it is quick to dry, dip in eyebrow powder or eyebrow powder, and gently brush the shape of the eyebrows along the shape of the eyebrows.Makes eyebrow powder easier to fix on the eyebrows.

Some people need to overcome the eyebrow drawing when their eyebrows are scarce. In order to avoid the problem of only half of the eyebrows left, remember to choose a less oily, harder eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder. Some eyebrow pencils also add oil-proof ingredients, and the durability is relativelybetter.

After the thrush, you can also use transparent eyebrow styling gel, or directly wipe it with an eyelash raincoat to minimize the chance of losing makeup.

  Wearing oil-resistant mascara mascara blooming is the most common and most obvious makeup removal. To create a conflict with “Panda Eyes”, replacing oil-resistant mascara is a must.

Generally, fiber-containing mascaras are oil-resistant, which can keep the eyes clean all day even in the heat.

If you like sweating or going to the water, you need to strengthen your eyebrows. Use waterproof and oil-proof mascara or play with a layer of transparent mascara on top of the oil-proof mascara.

  Also apply some foundation on the eyes. For long-lasting eyeshadows, remember to apply foundation on the eyelids.

Dip a small amount of water on the eye shadow brush or stick, and then use a tissue paper to absorb the moisture attached to the eye shadow brush. When the eye shadow brush is quick to dry, apply eye shadow powder and apply makeup in a clogging manner.

  Step 4: Lipstick base for lip gloss. Lipstick lasts longer than lip gloss. In order to prevent lip makeup, you can use lipstick on the lips first, then press with your fingertips to make the lips fully colored.The upper lip gloss is both delicate and translucent.