4 Yoga Men’s Yoga Practice Experiences


4 Yoga Men’s Yoga Practice Experiences

1. Lu Xin IGA China Chief Representative Practice time: After 2 years and 30 years of age, physical health is particularly important.

Yoga is a gift from my wife. Practicing the couple together is very beneficial to the sexual life of the couple. It is very beautiful to enter into the couple’s life after the practice. There is more spiritual communication between the couple.A pore is opened, and the air veins are also opened. In a very stretched and flexible situation, you will enjoy the beauty of sex very much.

Yoga pays attention to the physical harmony, which is a kind of physiological communication when doing yoga.

Lovers Yoga is the greatest communication both mentally and physically.

  Changes to the body make it flexible and relaxed.

Practice 1 each time.

After 5 hours, the body is greatly relaxed, and it seems to get an energy, and the energy comes out of each pore.

Aerobics etc. all consume people’s energy. Only yoga does not give you energy. This is the benefit of yoga.

Yoga is very suitable for me to practice. Yoga is not theism or atheism. It is to pay more attention to your body.

  The human body is like a spiritual house. We use it every day to eat, drink, and metabolize, as if we are maintaining this house, but this house has been used for a long time, and the furniture is messed up.You do n’t have time to wipe the glass when it ‘s dirty, and you do n’t have to change the air if the air is not fresh.

Yoga practice finally gives me the opportunity to live in this house, and has time to organize it. Without any interruption, or with my beloved, clean the house, like opening the windows and letting in fresh air.Let the body breathe. If the sun is good, let the sun shine through the window and take a picture of the whole body, just like the very warm sun shines the house very warm. This is the feeling every time you practice yoga., Feel your house, your body feels very stretched, flexible, glowing an energy, human energy seems to be seduced out.

  People slowly sink down, hoping to share the good feelings between our couples and more families.

I think home is the most important thing for men. The current fashion is to return to home.

Yoga can increase the sweetness of your home.

Yoga is not a sport, nor is it a belief that made me find our common way of life. I think yoga is a way of life and a way of life that makes me enjoy my family life more.

  2, Gu Wen CCTV practice time: 1 year ago two years of insomnia was very serious, seeing Chinese medicine said that the body is yin and yang disorders, taking interval Chinese medicine has no effect, some colleagues recommend that you try yoga.

I happened to take a walk in Ritan Park once and saw Yoki Yoga Studio and wanted to try it out.

The first practice was one morning. I followed the teacher and calm down for a long time. I felt very comfortable.

Now that I have been practicing for almost a year, the asana connection of yoga can release a lot of stress, and the perception of things becomes gentler, and less horny.

Practicing yoga has a lot to do with the coach. It is recognized that a coach will be particularly frustrated, so be sure to choose a coach you like.

Now insisting on practicing is not as strong as the purpose of starting, insisting on practicing is to relax. After each exercise, the body will feel the accumulation of energy.

At present, there are too few ways for men to release stress. Sports such as playing ball, running, and the gym are just a physical release, unlike yoga, which is a physiological release.

  3, Yang Yuxiang certificate company manager practice time: 6 months and 1 year ago playing in Ritan Park, passing by accident, seeing Mohan’s yoga photos at the door of Youji Yoga Studio, I feel very comfortable.

I used to be a professional long-distance runner. After practice, the most intuitive feeling is that my body is looser than before, and the internal feelings of my body are sensitive before, such as pain, and whether the air is smooth.

I think man is like a machine. He was born in the best state without any external interference. After many years, education, the external environment changes through the external environment, and yoga seems to be a compulsory movement of the limbs, usuallyIt is for the human body to reach a balanced state and restore the best state at birth.

The securities industry is a highly purposeful industry. Only the winners and losers are relatively impetuous. From the perspective of complete health, our industry is cruel. People around us have a lot of health problems. I need to have no purpose after work.This is how yoga relaxes, and it makes my mind calm and less impetuous.

First, yoga can make people mutate and widen. A good body is the foundation of a strong soul, so changes in the body can potentially change the way you look at things.

Many people around the world have misunderstandings about yoga. They feel that yoga, especially the “birds”, is designed to bend their body to what extent, so they dare not try it.

Yoga is often a difficult movement that lasts for a long time, potentially increasing the ability to endure pain and frustration, and can appreciate this change at work.

  4, Dai Guangxin Tianjin Yoga instructor practice time: 1 year I like sports, my life and work can hardly be separated from sports, but in the process of sports, I increasingly find the significance of tranquility, especially in sports andThe lively life is paused, and I will suddenly desire the tranquility of the richness and tension after that part of the noise.

I tried to find it deliberately, but of course the end result was that I found yoga there waiting for me for a long time.

  Although my age hasn’t allowed me to experience the tiredness of life, especially my limbs, I have realized in Yoga that accommodation and expansion.

The nature-like concert pushed me to a distant world; deep breathing let me open my heart and chest side by side with Haitian; some slight pain in the limbs caused me to touch the stretched limbs.

At this time, I don’t want anything; at this time, the knots in my spirit start to be opened one by one.

  Then I started to smile, and brought this smile into life and work, and into the lives of friends around me, and I saw that they would smile because of my smile, and be full of spirit because of my relaxation and vitality.

Now, I have been reading more books about yoga, but by no means read the explanatory text of a certain action, but read its ideas and ideas.

Yoga is not the eight hours in the gym, yoga is scattered around us all the time.

Because of yoga, I started to pay attention to my diet structure. This diet structure makes me more and more flexible, and this flexibility is really beyond words. It is a kind of experience and feeling.