Female college students should promote strengths and avoid weaknesses when applying for a job


Female college students should promote strengths and avoid weaknesses when applying for a job

Female college students should avoid the relative relative weakness, avoid the negative impression of “lack of opinion” to the employer, establish a “career-oriented” working attitude, and let the employer recognize and accept themselves.

  It is an indisputable fact that it is difficult for female college students to find employment.

“Male first” often appears in job advertisements.

The reporter learned at the job fair that some special positions have special requirements for gender. For example, innovative positions often favor boys.

Women’s employment discrimination is like an invisible wall in the workplace, making some girls lose equal employment opportunities.

Xiao Chen, a computer graduate, started preparing resumes and various materials at the beginning of his senior year, and also participated in some employment consulting and training.

She is not afraid. Female college students of science and engineering are under pressure to apply for a job. The boys in their class have already found a unit, and she is still in the workplace.

  In fact, the employment of female college students is not as difficult as imagined.

The employment rate of NPC girls and boys is roughly the same.

In some media, education and other industries, female workers account for a significant proportion.

According to statistics from the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, the proportion of female teachers among primary, junior high, and high school teachers in Beijing accounted for 78%, 71%, and 67%, respectively, and the proportion of female teachers is still increasing.

Customer service, accounting, public relations, administrative management, text sorting, editing and education, insurance business, reception negotiation, etc. are more suitable for women. Women in these positions are more popular with employers.

  Girls have no shortage of advantages in job hunting. When applying for a job, they must give play to their advantages and highlight their strengths.

Zhao Jianfeng, deputy director of the Employment Office of Renmin University, said that female college students have obvious employment advantages: their thinking ability, image thinking ability and detailed thinking are better than boys; they have strong interpersonal skills, and they are gentle and understanding; they have strong language communication skills, The ability to use language and vocabulary is also stronger than men; they have strong learning ability.

Female college students should give full play to their advantages in the workplace and get employers to recognize them.

  However, it is undeniable that girls have certain disadvantages in terms of physiology.

From a physical point of view, girls are inferior to boys in terms of physical strength, which indirectly affects business trips and overtime.

Marriage and the traditional concept of “male outside, female inside” also affect women’s career life, so girls are at a disadvantage in the workplace competition.

In addition, in the minds of most people, indecision, lack of rationality, lack of risk-taking spirit, and poor logical analysis ability often equate with women.

Relevant experts point out that the disadvantage of women seeking jobs is more a misunderstanding.

In reality, some women are more able to suffer.

A female reporter from Xinhua News Agency often goes to remote rural areas for interviews, even risking her life to enter the front line where male reporters dare not get involved, and her hard work has won praise for her character news reports; the Phoenix Satellite TV woman, known as the “Battlefield Rose”Reporter Qiu Luwei won social praise for his courage and fearlessness over men. Ren Changxia, the warrior of the public security front, wrote a magnificent heroic hymn with his life.

In the basic education front, there are a large number of female workers in the healthcare industry playing a huge role, and many of them have been praised for their outstanding work.

With the continuous development of society, the concept of “male outside, female inside” has also changed a lot. In the past, housework was performed by women, and now many men are also engaged in it. Education for children is a common thing for both husband and wife.

  Faced with the pressure of employment, female college students must not only strengthen their careers, but also avoid disadvantages.

Dr. Xu Zhaoming, Department of Human Resource Management, School of Business, Central University of Finance and Economics, said that female university students should avoid relative relative weaknesses, avoid leaving a bad impression of “lack of opinion”, and establish a “career-oriented” working attitude.Let employers recognize and accept themselves, and at the same time, try to accumulate more human capital before applying for a job, and convert the accumulated additional human capital into losses caused by the interruption of work.