Dietary principles to pay attention to when practicing yoga


Dietary principles to pay attention to when practicing yoga

In the process of practicing yoga, a reasonable diet is very important. What should not be eaten and what should be eaten less. Today I will tell you about dietary considerations when practicing yoga: 1. The main principles are: less weight and high quality.

First, do not overeating, otherwise any weight loss method will not be successful.

Pay special attention to the appetite at the beginning of yoga practice.

  2. It is recommended to eat more fruits, vegetables, whole shells and raw nuts, eat less meat, and provide the necessary nutrients.

  3, prepare to eat fresh and raw food, do not eat things that are too hot or too cold.

  4. Alcohol is harmful to health and hinders the progress of yoga.

  5. Chew your food slowly and carefully.

  For the food of yoga, we do not make too many requirements, because the exercises are carried out in depth, yoga can spontaneously adjust your eating preferences, and slowly have good eating habits.

For friends who want to lose weight by yoga, you can combine the application of weight loss recipes, but the basic principle of yoga food requirements.

  In addition, there are many scholars who like calcium supplementation and hope that they can be combined with height. This is a misunderstanding. Proper calcium supplementation can, but a large amount of calcium supplementation will lead to premature calcification of bones and excessive calcium deposition is not good.