Elderly people should be cautious in eating spleen and stomach


Elderly people should be cautious in eating spleen and stomach

First, temperate diet, but not partial eclipse in “Retirement”, Zhu Danxi pointed out that the elderly have insufficient internal organs, spleen is weak, leading to yin and jin deficiency, temperament and irritability, due to spleen weakness, food digestion is more difficult, eatenAfter a meal, there is often a feeling of fullness; yin deficiency is prone to imaginary fire, and often suffocating and suffocating, causing various aging diseases, and there are syndromes of “four injuries” of gas, blood, phlegm and stagnation.

Therefore, many inadvertent warnings were raised.

Modern medicine also believes that eating disorders are inappropriate, and it is a potential cause of metabolic diseases such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, obesity, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and general obesity.

  Therefore, the elderly should be satisfied with seven or eight meals per meal, especially for dinner.

In addition, in order to balance the absorption of nutrients and maintain good health, all kinds of foods should be eaten a little. If possible, the main and non-staple foods should be kept at around 10 times a day.

  Second, the diet should be light, should be slow Zhu Danxi said in the “Ru Dan”: “The stomach is the sea of water valley, Qinghe can be affected; the spleen is the device of digestion, Qinghe can be transported.

“It is said that the five flavors have passed, hurting the yin, licking the thick taste, and burning the fire, is the “drug caused by illness.”

Therefore, the diet of the elderly should be based on lightness, and it should be chewed slowly. This is one of the measures taken by the elderly to raise the yin.

  Some elderly people have heavy mouth weights. As everyone knows, if the salt is eaten more, it will increase the burden on the heart and kidneys, and it will easily cause blood pressure to increase.

In order to be healthy, the elderly should generally eat 6-8 grams of salt per day.

Some elderly people are accustomed to eating fast food, and they will swallow it when they are not completely chewed. Over time, it is not good for health.

You should chew slowly to reduce the burden of antibiotics to promote digestion.

In addition, eating slowly can also lead to satiety, prevent eating too much, affecting your health.

  Third, the food should be rotten, to be hot Zhu Danxi pointed out that the physiological characteristics of the elderly are the decline of organ function, the reduction of digestive juice and digestive enzymes, and digestive digestion.

Therefore, the benefits should not be too much, and more affect the function of digestion and absorption.

In addition, the teeth of the elderly are often loosened and replaced, and the masticatory muscles become weak. Therefore, special care should be taken to take care of the spleen and stomach. The food should be softer and more rotten.

  The elderly have poor resistance to cold. For example, eating cold food can cause vasoconstriction of the stomach wall, blood supply is reduced, and reflexivity causes other visceral blood circulation to decrease, which is unhealthy.

Therefore, the diet of the elderly should be slightly warmer, and it is advisable to eat at a proper level.

  Fourth, there should be more vegetables, and the fruit should be eaten in the “Ru Dan”, Zhu Danxi pointed out that “the glutinous rice, the natural rush and the taste, there are food (feeding) people to make up the yin.”

He advocated that the elderly should eat more fruits and vegetables.

Fresh vegetables are healthy friends of the elderly. It contains a lot of vitamin C and minerals, as well as supplemented cellulose. It plays an important role in protecting cardiovascular and anti-cancer and constipation. The daily vegetable replacement should be 250 grams.

  In addition, a variety of fruits are rich in vitamins and metal trace elements, these nutrients play a large role in maintaining the pH balance of body fluids.

To stay healthy, older people should eat some fruit after each meal.

  In addition to regulating the spleen and spleen deficiency syndrome in the diet, in the treatment of meridians, you should choose the spleen and Zusanli two points.

  Spleen: It is the acupoint of the sun’s bladder. It is the place where the spleen’s essence is infused into the tail and is directly connected with the spleen. Therefore, stimulating the spleen can quickly restore the function of the spleen.

“Acupuncture Dacheng” said that it can cure “good owe, not addicted to food”, that is, old yawning, always drowsy.

  The best way to stimulate the spleen is cupping, followed by sputum, or moxibustion.

However, the methods used vary from season to season.

The best cupping in early spring and late autumn, moxibustion in late summer and winter, moxibustion in summer and winter can not only warm the temper, but also dampness, especially in the late summer, when the weather is wet and cold, moxibustion is most suitable.
At other times, the main thing is to press the button.

  It is best to stimulate around 8pm every day, because this is the time when the spleen is the most vigorous.

At this time, the work of the day has basically ended, and the “temper” that has been running for a day is already a little tired. At this time, it can relieve the fatigue during the day, and secondly, it can accumulate strength for the next day.

  The spleen is placed on the straight line of the two fingers next to the spine, and the spine of the eleventh thoracic vertebra is flat. The place where the navel is facing the spine is the second lumbar vertebrae, and the upper four fingers are the eleventh thoracic vertebrae.

  Zusanli: This is the “first longevity point” recognized by the ancient and modern times. It is the joint point of the stomach, “the artificial combination”, it is the necessary place for the stomach to pass the gas.

Without it, the spleen and stomach would not have the ability to biochemically qi and blood.

The ancients said that if they want to be safe, Sanli often does not do it. The folks circulate “usually according to Zusanli, who wins the old hen”, which shows how important Zusanli is to the body.

  You must insist on stimulating every day in Zusanli. You can also find a small massage hammer and other things to strike. The strength should be based on the degree of soreness, at least 3 minutes each time.

Moxibustion can also be done in winter.  Method of operation: Press the double Zusanli point for 3 minutes every meal for half an hour before and after meals. You can alternately stimulate the left and right, then cup the cup on the double spleen for 15 minutes at around 8 pm, and drink a small cup of warm water after the can.