What should I eat for slimming breakfast?



Healthy weight loss breakfast example

What should I eat for slimming breakfast?
Healthy weight loss breakfast example

What should I eat for slimming breakfast?

Breakfast as the first meal of the day is essential for supplemental nutritional intake, health and work or learning efficiency.

Not eating breakfast, it is easy to cause energy and other nutritional deficiencies, reducing the efficiency of morning work and life learning.

It is recommended to have consistent nutrition standards: starch, protein, fruits and vegetables, and proper fats. These nutrients need to be balanced to help promote the metabolism of the day.

銆€銆€The scientific breakfast should be a well-structured breakfast, where the ratio of protein, trace, and glucose should be 12:28:60, and the proportion of cereals is the largest.

However, if breakfast only eats steamed bread, bread and other staple foods, or fritters and other foods containing too much fat, due to starch, excessive oil, long digestion time, easy to make the blood accumulated in the digestive system, causing blood flow in the brain, brainThe lack of oxygen in the cells caused the mind to be dim and dull throughout the morning.

銆€銆€Healthy Weight Loss Breakfast Example: 1.

Milk + vegetable bag / meat package + vegetables: yogurt is rich in lactic acid bacteria, and the contribution to the human body is even greater than milk.

However, yogurt can not be served on an empty stomach in the morning. It is best to eat it with buns and steamed buns.

If it is a vegetarian package such as a mushroom dish, the nutrition is relatively complete; if you like to eat meat, you must add some vegetables, fruits, or use vegetable juice, fruit juice instead, preferably freshly squeezed.


Yangbao eight-treasure porridge: If there are conditions for female white-collar workers, they can make eight-treasure porridge the night before, and put rice, red beans, peanuts, hazelnuts, etc., the next morning, they are hot, convenient and beautiful.


Whole wheat bread + milk oatmeal in the morning, the human body absorbs oxygen, oxygen promotes slight burning of the human body, and calcium is rapidly burned, and the oatmeal body new city has fast metabolism and detoxification.


Apple + egg + juice (vegetable juice) people who are losing weight, if you add enough edible cellulose, put it into your stomach and squirm quickly, apple has this effect, plus the protein in the egg and the vitamin added with fresh juice,This combination is a good slimming breakfast.


Vegetable Fruit Juice + Omelette Sandwich A simple breakfast of fruits and vegetables can satisfy a day’s vitamin needs.

Fresh orange carrot juice, melon apple juice, pure kiwi juice, pure cucumber juice will be a good choice, can transform toxins in the body and enhance metabolism.