Don’t say your wife is cold


Don’t say your wife is cold

In the sexual life of husband and wife, for various reasons, the wife is inactive, uncooperative, or has dealt with things, or has an indifferent expression, or refuses to have sex with each other. Many husbands call their wives “cold”.

Some men often watch pornographic publications and obscene videos, overlapping those exaggerated sexual descriptions with the performance of their wives, and also think that their wives have “cold sex.”

Some men also used this as an excuse to “grow flowers and make grass” and “golden house hideaway” outside, which caused great damage to his wife’s feelings, and eventually broke up the family.

  In fact, sexual apathy is a disease caused by sexual dysfunction.

It is difficult for those who are not rich in general medical knowledge to grasp its characteristics. Therefore, it is not up to the doctor to decide to put on his wife a “cold” hat at will.

Not to mention that you can buy some “aphrodisiac” drugs for your wife.

When it comes to implementation, women are most taboo about hearing the words “sexual apathy”. It was originally just a sexual life disharmony. As soon as these three words were heard, the wife was psychologically harmed. I am afraid that sexual apathy would really occur. Therefore, the husband should calm down.Find out the reason and go to the hospital for consultation if necessary.

  Some men do not understand the anatomy of the sexual organs and the laws of sexual life.

Acting violently during the first sexual intercourse, causing pain when the woman’s hymen ruptured, or forcing sexual intercourse without the vagina’s lack of glandular secretion before arousing the woman’s sexual desire, making the woman extremely distressed, not experiencing the joy of sexual intercourse, causing viciousnessstimulate.

And it is very likely to cause abnormal vaginal sensations in the future, such as vaginal constriction, vaginal numbness, and vaginal pain, which will cause the woman to have an aversion to sexual life.

  Some are due to the lack of understanding of the woman ‘s sexual knowledge, the influence of feudal ideology, the passive and coping psychological state of sexual requirements, and the belief that sexual activity is mainly a matter for men, plus that men only care about their own happiness, regardless of the woman ‘s reaction,Did not master the rhythm of sexual life, so that the wife never got the pleasure of orgasm, of course, no interest in sex life.

  Some are because the woman has gynecological diseases, and the pain during sexual intercourse is unbearable. Of course, there are many gynecological diseases that can cause sexual intercourse pain, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, uterus, periuteritis, appendicitis, endometriosis, vaginitis, vulvitisThese diseases will cause congestion and adhesion of the tissue around the vagina, causing pain during sexual intercourse, and should be actively treated.

  Some women refuse to have sex because of work fatigue during the day, excessive mental and physical fatigue, or major events that cause depression, which inhibits sexual desire. In addition, factors such as location, environment, and time have certain effects on couples’ sexual livesinfluences.

In short, as long as the two sides understand each other, understand each other, love each other, and master certain skills, you can establish a harmonious sex life.