Have a good life, diet and fitness are healthy


Have a good life, diet and fitness are healthy

Guide: Have a good life, diet and fitness exercise is healthy, how should the general population improve their physical fitness?

Experts say that physical exercise cannot cure all diseases, and scientific exercise supplemented with good living habits and eating habits can make people healthier.

  Experts say that a good diet, good attitude, good exercise, and more aerobic exercise. Chen Changgeng, an expert in sports training at the Hebei Institute of Sports Science, told reporters that a person’s physical fitness is related to heredity, but it is more closely related to acquired nutrition and physical exercise., Proper exercise can improve physical fitness and keep the body healthy.

But physical exercise alone is not enough. Good living habits, eating habits, exercise habits, and the three complement each other to improve and maintain good physical fitness.

Chen Changgeng puts forward the following suggestions: bad living habits affect physical fitness. First of all, good living habits. Now many young people do not sleep at night and can’t afford to sleep in the morning. Sleep is not guaranteed, which is very bad for the body.

Sleep is very important for maintaining good physical fitness.

The questionnaire survey of the physical fitness survey on living habits this time is very detailed: do you smoke?

How much is smoked every day?

How old is the smoke?

How much do you drink?

These lifestyle habits have a great impact on physical fitness.

How to cope with stress in life is also critical. A good attitude, a positive attitude to life, and a way of life and work combined with work and rest also help maintain good health.

  Eating only vegetarian food is not a good way of eating. Overeating, eating only meat or vegetarian food is not the best way to eat.

Follow the rules of eating well in the morning, full in the afternoon, and less in the evening, avoiding too much sugar and small amounts, chewing slowly, and providing the body with sufficient but not excessive nutrition.

  Multi-choice aerobic exercise can be trimmed from the monitoring bulletin, whether it is the 20-39-year-old adult group A or the 40-59-year-old adult group B, the physical performance indicators of intravenous vein pulsation, vital capacity, quality indicators grip strength, back strength, longitudinalJumping, closing the tip of one foot with eyes closed, forward flexion in a seated position, etc. have decreased, which is 0 lower than the data at the time of the last national fitness monitoring.


Between 2%.

Adults must strengthen physical exercise and choose appropriate physical exercise.

  For adults who want to lose weight and seniors who want to keep healthy, more aerobic exercises, brisk walking, jogging, swimming, and ball games are all good ways to exercise.

It is recommended that young people also add more strength exercises.

Judging from the results of this body mass monitoring, both young children and adults have absolute power, and the trend of explosive power decline can be said that people are becoming more and more weak.

In fact, the muscle is the second heart of the human body, and all blood vessels are buried in the muscles. Targeted muscle strength exercises are very helpful for increasing cardiopulmonary function.

  From the perspective of weight loss, increasing strength training is also necessary.

The overweight problem of the general population in Hebei Province exposed by the monitoring bulletin this time is quite serious, and many people are concerned about weight loss.

I remind everyone to pay attention to a kind of “hidden obesity”, which is more common in women especially: from the body mass index, the weight is not over the standard, but to analyze specifically, too little muscle, high adult contentThis is a very bad physical condition.

  Strength training is generally divided into two types: one is self-weight, some are push-ups that increase upper limb strength, sit-ups that increase waist and abdominal strength, and overhang on the horizontal bar.Sexually, the use of dumbbells, barbells, solid balls and combined equipment in the gym can achieve the purpose of increasing strength.

  It is particularly reminded that men who are under pressure to entertain and have more sports should exercise more. In 2010, the proportion of men who passed the National Physical Fitness Standards and passed the above criteria was 88.

3%, women were 89.


The “National Fitness Monitoring Report” of our province shows that the proportion of men who meet the above-qualified standards is 86.

4%, 87 for women.

At 6%, predicted data show that women are healthier than men.

Among the 11 districts and cities in Hebei Province, only Shijiazhuang, Xingtai and Cangzhou have a lower pass rate of women than men.

  The reason may be the following three aspects: First: Men’s mental stress, working pressure is greater than women, social entertainment allowances, high and medium diet, more high sugar, more alcohol consumption, and a physiological load on the body, affectingThe second is that women pay more attention to maintaining body shape, control diet and strengthen physical exercise, while men have insufficient awareness and attention to obesity, especially middle-aged men, are busy with work and take less time to participate in physical exerciseThird: Women are more easily integrated into the fitness crowd. Whether it is twisting yangko, playing Tai Chi, dancing, walking or aerobics, there are many women involved. In the park, gyms are mostly female.