I.”Chakun shook his head:” You alarm it.”

  From the owl froze for a moment, he did not know this guy is not flashy playing emotional card.
  Chen diving course, will not do, call the police if there is a home, he only needs to wake up like a knock on the door.
  ”Tell me what happened, if you are willing to believe me, I will help you.”Chen diving very seriously.
  Chakun shook his head: “No, I have no turning back, as you well know, some things once run will no longer addictive, I would be it control my life.”
  Chen diving shocked.
  From the owl also understand that this guy actually it was a drug addict.
  ”why?”Chen diving do not understand, as the Kingdom of Siam airborne commandos Rangers, his main task is to control the country’s north exit angle Jinshan area of drugs into the country will not.
  How could he do this stuff yourself infected?
  Chen believes Chakun diving is definitely not going to touch the taboo that people must have been compelling circumstances had to do was to do a certain thing.
  Chakun looked glanced at the ceiling, two years ago, remembers things.
  He looked again and he just had a “fight of the border” and “Ni Lin” and called buried in the heart of a secret confided all out.
  Just two years ago, the Kingdom of Siam for a drug dealer against the Northern Territory, should elect him to do within