And other space elevator has been looked at 7788, Cheng double within reach, the visual front of her and asked: “how do monitoring?”

  ”Still investigation.”Li autumn wrestled A:” Grass is a short section of loose flowing into the city when silkworm base is unclear, it is very difficult.”
  Alex Cheng double looking for evidence of a crime.
  There can only be convicted Xu Luo to shut up, there is a way to make double Xu Cheng Luo never come out.
  Currently only hope that the issue of a short section of grass, to the detriment of the interests of the company will issue Xu Luo to justice.Surveillance video may have found a quick week have not the slightest news.
  Lift, Cheng and Li double autumn have walked, the way a rare double blame the sound: “the difficulty and then a big week should also find out.”
  ”Yes.”Li autumn secretly these points in mind, leaning forward to press Number of floors.
  According to the process double the usual habit, Li autumn floor directly under a large press conference room is located, double peripheral vision caught a glimpse of the process, out loud: “First back to the office.”
  Cheng double bow, tone Qing Yang: “enchant clothes.”
  Black sweater outside the ride a caramel-colored coat, a look at the style is not Chengshuang Ping, Li autumn with a smile: “Miss Mu can be really intimate, this one is really both warm and good-looking.”It is not suitable for meeting.