After wave sigh.

  ”Yao Ji Li”, “forest health” two familiar names filled with two ears.
  They stared at the words on the center of the screen for a long time, Ann modest smile, tone is very pleased:
  ”Mr. Ji finally mastered, it’s quite amusing people.”
  Suzi Han looked at the hands of the failure of the lucky box, some loss, “or your boss will not play the next persistent efforts.”
  An Qian heard could not help but laugh, poke his forehead, “you say you ah, how always make life difficult for Mr. Kee.”
  In the pulp of Suzi Han’s forehead was pierced on a white spots, and slowly back to the blood, Suzi Han suddenly thought of something, suddenly shot under the Internal Security Qian shoulder:
  ”its not right!!!”
  An Qian somehow, “how?”
  ”I suddenly thought,” Suzi Han look like an epiphany, “Recently, Qian children you are New Year back home to visit relatives, not resigned to return home now?”An modest these days have to work on time, not at all look like a retired employee has.
  An Qian nodded, “Of course, I took leave home to rest.”
  Suzai Han black line head emerges, “by!!Lin was born fooled, brats!!”The thought of him eagerly rushed Lincheng, is stolen on the train, get off also embarrassed wearing the wrong shoes