It is normal.But never mind, next time you come, we are not at home, the family is left to you young lovers Jiuhaola ~ ~ ~ ~ “

  Chen Jiayong stand up and get out, let the king aunt clean up, helpless to see the landing See incense, “Mom.You and your baby and learn.”Chaos play.
  See Lu Xiang stare, “Do not call me, gave me a call old.”Touch his face, it is arbitrary to ask” how you and introduce our referral girl ah?Chou Chou referred to frighten the people.It is not to say that I was eating the official told us of the old witch ah?”Outside people are so secretly called her, and that way, ‘you just do not say she is a teacher, I have thought she was an actor.And more juicy and more thoughtful girl ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ‘
  Chen Jiayong see that Lu Xiang is complaining that he complained about the baby bells and bad temper, and quickly waved to clarify, wind chimes quickly stood up, head down, it is to bite the bullet, he said, “Auntie, you do not get angry, are not I, I I want better performance.Jia Yong and I have never complained about anything, he is to talk about things, really.”
  ”.”This is not even Chen Jiayong feels right, and heard the words how awkward ah.
  Campanula finished body flash, suddenly looked up, pale little face, a little blankly watching Chen Jiayong, “I am, and I is not said the wrong thing?”Sniffed eyes were red, ‘today I do not know how, and we have a good word to say no.’It is as if talking to himself remorse.
  Chen Jiayong heart sighed, in the end