I do not think it is a good game.But, like Cao made this astute boss was not willing to purchase, because he picked consoles only standard, not how classic games, but what kind of game consoles make him faster payback.

  ”Hey, how, and what yet met?”Zhongchu Hong asked, his face slightly Youse.
  ”what!”Li Xuan finally recovered and found two men do not know when the car has been returned, he would like to question in this way, did not notice these details.
  Li Xuan hand affectionately touched Zhongchu Hong pretty face, confident smile once again returned to his face: “Nothing, encountered some small problems!Game room today to feel how, but also fun right?”
  Li Xuan out from the front of the game room, specially took Zhongchu Hong, let her experience a shooting on a game console called the commander of.
  ”There stinks, are second-hand smoke!”Zhongchu Hong disgusted expression on his face.
  ”Haha!”Li Xuan said with a smile,” Oh, boy video games will always be part of the world, you girls are free or lying in bed watching romantic novel!”
  ”You just know that Cao open such a game room how you make money?”Li Xuan said the mysterious.He got me there specifically to Zhongchu Hong some insight only his purpose today.
  ”How many?”Zhongchu Hong was not much interest, tease tease their hair, asked a very perfunctory.
  ”The less there are three hundred thousand a year!”
  ”Wow!There are so many?”
  Li Xuan see Zhongchu Hong finally attracted attention, this some said proudly: “red, if you let my father also open this