Probably because.Yang is not the other’s goals.Who is his goal?”Wang Dayan can not help but whispered.

  Just at this point, outside the house and sounded the thunder.
  Few people living heart began to sink, sink to the bottom of the abyss unseen.
  Yang Weijun not a murderer’s goal, so he left a life murderer.But people still want them stuck here, is not that, among them, there is at least one person is his goal?
  ”No, I gotta go, I do not want to stay here!”Yang Lan seems to have been stimulated to this speculation, suddenly shouted, stood up and stumbled ran out.
  Wang Dayan quickly stopped her, but forget that he just touched the two men in a pool of blood, tugging back and forth between the left and clear bloodstain on Yang Lan hand clothes, prompting the other side was another scream.
  ”Yang Lan!Yang Lan!”Just the other side screaming out of control when Zhou Zheng Qu shocked big step forward, clinging to her,” Do not worry, do not worry, we still do.”
  Zhou Zheng Qu said, while patting her back appease: “We did not come before registering it?It rained for so long, people management at the beginning certainly going to find us.We wait, tomorrow at the latest they would find us, otherwise there is no Yang, how you go?Zhou Mei