For thousands of years, no matter what creatures practice, all toward the goal of practicing adult, I did not expect Terran touches of whimsy, like the animal wear in the body, the cloud volume was thinking that, under the contract Danciu hill, she wearing such a dress funny funny hill little animals, but also an interesting thing to think about.

  ”At home is also not allowed to wear!”Lu Yun Yung thought Hok bunny wearing clothes walking around at home, face suddenly red,” I work here, not allowed to wear such clothes.”
  Fluffy clouds touched the back of capacity pity ass bunny tail, disappointed nodded his head, and my heart does not really understand why the boss to control her what to wear at home.
  Lu Yun Yung Hok did not hear the voice of unnatural eyes fell on the girl’s body, they saw the cloud capacity being his hands behind his back, standing bow, like this, like a chest full two juicy peaches, present on the light from almost squeezed fabric.
  He just felt a surge of heat straight into the forehead, nose, itchy suddenly, the next second, a drop of red liquid on drops in the cloud capacity on the chest, back just as it is just picked peaches with dew.
  ”You’re bleeding?”Yun Yung surprised a moment, looked up to the land Hok.
  Crane did not own land in