Under favor grin: “To take a picture it?”

  Media who have back to God, amazing in my eyes.
  In fact, they would have received the message, cancel the red carpet star Yao Sheng Joe’s qualifications.Want to know, they do not want to Sheng Joe talking nonsense in public, but now the situation is, indeed quite unexpected.
  Sheng Joe not only here, but also come so shiny high-profile, media friends simply connect down the headlines want a good!
  Her playful smile: “Otherwise we have to shine on the red carpet again?”
  Red carpet outside the security entrance, holding a walkie-talkie next scheduled admission of artists are confirmed to be patted on the shoulder suddenly people.He looked back impatiently, for a pair of smiling eyes.
  ”I ask the first of several to?”
  Scheduling react, quickly looking down at the schedule, “24, and you’re 28.”
  Sheng Qiao clear understanding: “I will wait.”
  She stood back of the station, not the security barrier scheduling work.
  Looking at the hands of the scheduling list “Sheng Joe” the column crossed the horizontal line, next to the words “cancel” word, hastened to contact with field control: “Joe came Sheng!Or go as planned!”
  Head of field control and quickly reminded of the various processes in the headset.
  On the red carpet at the moment is that even ancient prince had said the line niche Ming, his national high degree shot several ancient puppet is the star work, a play on the cause