Was Sidongfeidong.

  Su Yuan stood quietly at the door.
  She was formerly a hungry man to eat the whole family, now with his family, she can no longer be as arbitrary as before, she wants to make money, make family a better life.

Chapter 15 meet again
  Leave that day, Huangcui Lan Su Yuan to prepare a lot of souvenirs, are home made ham with some soil eggs.The village from the road to stop the van some distance, Su Yongquan riding a motorcycle, carrying with Su Yuan Fang Xiao-cui to their destinations.
  When the passenger van has not arrived yet.
  Yuan Su Su Yongquan told to carry a person on the outside, not too hard, not to go home, they support her.Honest honest Su Yongquan, now thought to Su Yuan work in a garment factory, Su Yuan reckoned with Su Yongquan original owner did not say the truth, although the original owner dreams of becoming a star, quit her job just before the wine, but in order not to worry Su Yongquan, Su Yuan default on the job.
  When riding on the van, Su Yuan clinging to the window looking out the window.
  Su Yongquan eyes were red, grinned, waving with her, Su Yuan depressed sour eyes, the same towards him waving goodbye.Van until launch, Su Yongquan thin figure gradually shrink and eventually disappear, Su Yuan slowly recover sight.