Years old, the last thing to actually be able to see the sapphire blue suit, Yep, I can get a picture with you?”

  ”Uh, this.can.”
  Mr. Liu Starchaser like a girl, like to see the idol, and leaves white film together, happily returned to his place.
  At this very strange atmosphere on the table, everyone is focusing instead on eating silent, Hu Dongliang face are like ugly liver.
  This guy actually Fabio, Betty genuine suit, how could?He is doing?
  ”Oh, Mr Yip is quite unexpected taste, do not know where Mr Yip is now working?Who your parents are?”
  ”Go to school, parents are ordinary people.”
  ”Ha ha.”
  The atmosphere was plunged into embarrassment, I do not know what to say to save face Hu Dongliang.
  Fortunately, not a few minutes, and finally a man to rescue the field.
  Like the peerless voice for all to the spirit of startled, while fragrant air strikes, along with a sweet smile, a graceful figure came in.
  ”Sorry, I’m late.”
  ”Yes, Miss Lin, sit down quickly!”
  ”Oh, big birthday coming