Twelve constellation female heard yellow jokes reaction turned out to be like this!

Do you know that the response of twelve constellations to Huang duan was this? Huang Duan once became a necessary accompaniment to Chinese adults’ meals. Some people in have no moral integrity just like to say dirty words, and watching girls speak Huang Duan in the presence makes them even better.. What is the general situation of twelve constellation women in such situations? Then let’s take a look at it with the little editor.!   Aries Woman When an Aries woman hears a boy talking about a yellow joke on the wine table, the forthright Aries woman will definitely show a look of mental retardation. Some girls are present and say that the yellow joke is simply rude..   Taurus female Man show’s Taurus female must be a docile reaction that does not express any opinions. Of course, Taurus female’s inner heart must be laughing crazily at this low-to-explosive yellow joke. Although Taurus female is like this, belly inside is hiding the most yellow jokes.   Two Children You Talk to Two Children? It is simply not deadly. Two children will definitely throw out more yellow jokes, which will make your jaw drop.. Two children can make you feel what it means to teach a lesson.   Cancer woman cancer woman although very good at taking care of other people’s feelings, but meet with yellow jokes will fall into the contradiction of whether to echo or pretend not to hear, cancer woman often because there is no confidence and into hesitation..   When faced with this situation, the female lion and female lion will feel that the person who talks about yellow jokes is very hooligan, and then they will talk with the people beside them with a straight face as if they did not hear it..   A virgin girl, a virgin girl, has a critical spirit. If she feels that something is wrong, she will come up with it directly.. A person who speaks pornographic material in front of his sister will be bluntly suggested by a virgin woman that it is disrespectful to speak pornographic material like this. Of course, that person will definitely be silenced by a virgin woman..   As a social star, Libra women usually smile in agreement in this situation.. Libra women who are good at supporting are more interested in the atmosphere of the whole match, and it doesn’t hurt to say some yellow jokes..   Scorpio woman Scorpio woman likes to catch the loophole in other people’s words. If you don’t give a good performance, Scorpio woman will first jump out and spit at you, then go on her own..   Sagittarius female meat department Sagittarius female heard yellow jokes, did not blush at all but kept smiling, although understood but Sagittarius female felt that should maintain a good image, so will only be dark chuo chuo smile.   Capricorn woman hopes to tell Capricorn woman that she will blush with shame, which is impossible, because Capricorn woman cannot understand at all.! In terms of this yellow joke, the stable and conservative Capricorn woman doesn’t know much about it and doesn’t want to know about it, so it often happens that you are talking happily, and the Capricorn woman looks at you with a puzzled face..   Aquarius Woman For Aquarius Women who are knowledgeable and dabble in all aspects, hearing a yellow joke will only make a smile. The low-key and reserved Aquarius woman will show the expression that I understand and then I smile without any shyness..   For Pisces women whose basic setting is pure female, even if they understand it, they should pretend not to understand it, then pretend to understand it and blush at the suggestion of others.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.