How should girlfriends be coaxed? 

How should girlfriends be coaxed? It is said that Women in love’s IQ is 0, and the IQ of the woman who is angry in love is negative. How can she coax her angry girlfriend??   Aries Aries is full of explosive bags. Confronting them will only make two people beyond recognition. What you need to do is to pose handsomely for being beaten, then sincerely apologize and ask your girlfriend to forgive herself. Her beating will be over..   Taurus Taurus female will keep silent when she is angry. No matter how anxious you are or how long you talk, she will not say a word. No one has broken the record of the Cold War King so far. If you want her to change her mind, don’t talk too much. It is better and faster to go directly to kiss, Kabedon.!   Gemini Gemini is a magical species that looks like King Kong in appearance but is comparable to fragile goods in heart. The more she coaxes, the more uncomfortable she is. When she is unhappy, she must not walk away. brain hole is big and loves to entertain foolish ideas. They may think that her boyfriend doesn’t love her any more. Therefore, they are more desperate and might as well take her out for a stroll, drink a little wine and have a few glasses of wine..   Cancer’s response to cancer is as follows: Be considerate to dead inside! Don’t say anything superfluous. Cancer lady pays attention to some warm little details. Hot water blows cold for her to drink. Grapes are skinned for her to eat and help her empty the shopping cart.! When she was moved, nothing happened.   Leo either gave her a bank card to overdraw, or knelt down to admit her mistake, so coax her to be patient, the killer is always praised her, as long as the mistake attitude is good, big lions are adults don’t remember little people!   Virgo virgin girl angry, as a boyfriend how to coax it? List your “crimes” one by one and write down the time, place and cause of the crime.. Finally, write another 10,000-word guarantee, and it will be done immediately.!   Libra Libra women are more or less slightly Princess sickness and often have a little temper. They just want to make their boyfriends care more about themselves and love themselves in this way. Therefore, when they are angry, they just need to hug them and kiss them, sell them cute, pretend to be good, and whisper a few words of love in a low voice, which will make the Libra girlfriend immediately smile and be happy..   Scorpio Scorpio women don’t listen to anything when they are angry, and they have to listen to reason and forgive others. They are good at nagging each other. Therefore, it is better not to have fierce conflicts with them at this time, and let them as far as possible. After all the venting is finished, the Scorpio girlfriend’s anger will disappear almost if they say two more words of docility.. Then go and buy some small gifts, not asking for much, just showing your sincerity..   Sagittarius took her away from grief without saying anything. When she finished eating fried chicken from Takoyaki, Egg waffle, Chinese pancake, spicy crayfish and baked gluten, she basically recovered.. As long as she is willing to go out with you, the time of a meal will definitely forget everything before..   Capricorn If your Capricorn girlfriend is angry, don’t think about walking away immediately or diverting your attention to minimize this matter. As long as it is not solved, it will always be a thorn in their hearts. Therefore, when your girlfriend is angry, you only need to silently accompany her, keep quiet and talk less. Otherwise, it will be bad to step on Ray. If her boyfriend is a humorous person and can tell some high-quality jokes, Capricorn women will certainly be happy..   If Aquarius and Aquarius girlfriend have conflicts, they must clearly recognize their mistakes, clear their thoughts, and then slowly communicate with each other.. If you want to be completely reconciled, prepare a surprise or turn out some gadgets, as long as they feel that you still love her, in this way, even if their faces are still cold, their hearts will surely forgive each other long ago..   Pisces Pisces angry often Imagine himself is the heroine of the Korean drama inside bullied by others. If you want to coax Pisces well, you must imagine yourself as a domineering president to accompany her in the performance.. What Pisces women need is real love, constant comfort and apology around them. They are easily softhearted.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.