What is the biggest shortcoming of twelve constellation in love??

Two people together, is the result of like each other, however, sometimes, we will also see the lover’s unpleasant one flour, but we will ignore because of the love for each other.. Ignoring does not mean it does not exist. So what is the biggest weakness of twelve constellation in love??   Aries Aries people, it is easy to be too impulsive because of one thing, when they are helpless, they will do some extremely impulsive things, which will make people feel insecure..   Taurus Taurus people are very conservative and stubborn, they are very reluctant to accept new things, like the same life. Seal yourself in a small corner, inside.   Gemini Gemini is a very easy lover in Worry about personal gains and losses. They always show some extreme appearance in their emotional inside. It is because they care about each other that they feel insecure..   Cancer Cancer people are very slow-moving. They are people who know everything in hindsight. When this atmosphere or time passes, they can only remember what to sit for, which makes people helpless..   Leo Leo is famous for being overbearing. They are even more overbearing to their lovers. They don’t want anyone to touch anything like their own, even for a moment.! They just want their partner’s world to be inside’s own.   Virgo sometimes Virgo’s cleanliness makes people speechless, especially those who don’t brush their teeth and can’t kiss. This is a way of forcing people who follow the nature to a dead end.!   Libra Librans have strong self-esteem, and are hesitant and indecisive in everything. They often make the other half feel that they are not firm and sincere in their feelings..   Scorpio Scorpio will think about everything in his mind, sometimes he is too clever and crafty.. Always give each other a feeling of being used by them, which makes people very uncomfortable.!   Sagittarius Sagittarius is a person who can lock in outstanding members of the opposite sex at any time, so their chances of rolling stone are very high.. You can see many attractive members of the opposite sex on the road..   Capricorn has no interest at all in Capricorn’s world of inside, and Capricorn is a person who shows indifference to you the more he likes you. Sometimes you doubt whether you are in love or not..   Aquarius Aquarius is very capricious and capricious. They always disappear when they don’t agree with each other. They will appear when they think about you. This excessive caprice will make you feel very tired..   Pisces Pisces people, both men and women, are easy to fall in love. They want to stick to each other all the time. Their excessive sticky is more helpless. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.