Twelve constellation sent by Dear John, heart!

Liking is a first-hand pleasure. Love is never tired of being around for a long time. Many lovers can’t stand the test of time and gradually become rusty. Sometimes it’s not up to them to decide whether to break up or be broken up.. Please check the Dear John sent by twelve constellation.   Aries has said so much about The Promise that none of it is true..   Taurus If you don’t cook well, I will really abandon you..   Gemini, a fickle Gemini, is not single-minded.   Cancer wouldn’t have said goodbye if it wasn’t really unbearable..   Leo is so ambitious, why don’t you go to heaven.   Virgo can’t stand a little betrayal, his eyes can’t hold sand.!   Libra is right, that person is better to me, so I will break up with you.!   Is it so difficult for Scorpio to want more passion??   Sagittarius may be that I am too sentimental, in short, I like someone else..   Capricorn wants a partner, not another child..   Aquarius If you have more brain circuits, I can still consider it..   Pisces, let’s go here and never greet each other again.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.