And every now and then leaves under

A gust of wind hit children, sandwiched coolness, the village tree woods edge happens to children dance, shake off the blade body, so the forest is full of fluttering leaves patches, just like a golden butterfly, and like the next is a golden rain.Yo!Really “gangbusters” in the coming season.    Night and fog, the colorful leaves out the window and began.I stood at the window staring at the night, thoughts wind Piaoyuan.I can remember me?We have spent a total of stormy autumn night in a small patch of woods, how many autumn leaves falling!Under the tree, I gently picked up and carefully fiddled with crystal drops of water on leaves.At this point, you smiled and said to me: it was their last laugh with tears in his mouth.    Ah!Good bunch of beautiful tears.My hands around patches of leaves flying on the ground, could not bear to throw it, then you gently patted my shoulder and said; leaves not a heartless thing, why should you do this big sad thing?    Suddenly, my heart is deciduous dial of.I finally Ming Wu, passionate injuries since ancient times, “ruthless”, but leaves turn into soil more quadrangle, why should I go for it sad it?Roots, this is the cycle of life, the honor in this world were born, long dust road, could not taste the cold, wet years?    When I looked at every now and again and again under the leaves, a myriad of thoughts, if your life with me, then just smile to the face of life, say goodbye to the prosperity of the fall, there is not just waiting for us in the spring it?Go to work, to sow, to irrigate, to harvest.Make life a kind of day!In labor re-creation of prosperity and affluence, write a glorious life in the labor movement, so that the main theme of evergreen life resounded world, let the warmth of human dedication, then you go in this world to live up was, for you have every now and then on the front of the leaves should not be sad, but should be a feeling, the thrill, you will be able to target more firmly identified, whom to make unremitting efforts, that your dreams will certainly come true.Friends ah, cheer up, to make every effort to fight it!Saying “without the wind and rain, that can see the rainbow,” not on the points that the hard way.