And embracing Spring

Part One: spring and embracing, with love peers you say you came from the spring, I always keep you in fine spring lintel.III fireworks across, I Dankan with your Red leisurely, beautiful spring scenery Bana, present and future situation.He approached the spring, the charming breeze as you clear eye, and that the sun is warm people you love.  Like a spring, like you, that the grass sprout in the spring on the way, several new green, Ji Zhi Cui Liu, quiet secluded place in the mountains.With the girl’s heart I meet with you early, blooming peach whisper in the breeze, I opened the door of the long-sealed, sunlit haze of a winter.Breeze for me to sing a song you like to do?Swallow your return brought his message it?  Stay behind the moon, warm sun shine heart, feelings such as water, Cantabile poetic, I keep in this season, grass and other green issue until the rain sprinkled on the window, open the dust frozen heart, let the flowers soak the entire heart.Beautiful scenery quarter after quarter, a fragrant tree is another tree flowers.Along the waterfront dressed, marching time mark, in your clear eyes filled with earth-shaking love.Mouzhong have me, mind you, wine poetry, love to laugh, you walk for years, only this moment forever in my heart precipitation into.  Peach beginning of the heart, I would love to integrate a touch of floral, passing through your city, shed thousands of points peach rain, timeless, fresh, memorable.  Who peach fragrance through the water spilling quiet aryl; Liu who off a new, Dan Yiqu genre and the Peak.Choose a landscape quiet, shear uncorrupted pen, a paper cut half flower clouds, dressed Sujian write days of high water love.I only hope that holding your hand, forever associated in the terraced rice paddies Red.Inter are filled every heart, every ray flowers moist whole heart.  Your shadow, appeared in bright spring, to meet with you that day, he gave the love between planting in mind, I hear you call and sighs.Green green, melodious sound of the piano melody singing shot of love, I am with you flow through the poem, into the painting, freehand Red Past rain in the spring of poetic discourse.Chatting with you, with you write poetry to paint, semi-Que Liu Yun, a few wind shear, and describe the long gentle stream of love.  Spring flowers of Willowbank embankment, I shy of early heart will you stare, the flowers, if you wander a handsome figure?Bright eyes, whether in yesterday’s collection of forgotten love?Thousand years of waiting, whether I first saw a beautiful watch?  Along the context of memory, and we would encounter in the mortal world, my love as before, we have to, loved, watch over those who love the plot already freeze, meet, like, green willows early spring day, I willing to work with you hand in hand walking in the quartzite on the road, a cavity feelings, a ray of love, clear water, beautiful love, with a touch of pen and ink, to depict our spring, go Imagine our future, passionate wind that stone bridges scenic point of view of people who turn into a dream?  Past life, I was in front of you a Buddha lotus lamp, rain wet oath, bright eyes Wang Chuan Autumn, Four Seasons circulation dream, you never forget the look, a dream, and get rid of it, and put it We can not afford to love.  A Que clear words, for thousands of years with the ancient play a swan song.A new green wan, in the intersection of love and affection, the strands of subtle fragrance that will fill aromatic lonely night.  And spring embracing love with counterparts in thin night, exhort with pink clouds, the morning dew of dawn, with floral and warm, the birds in the spring, with a clear intoxicating flute, at the intersection of light flowery where you waiting period as the Ching Ming Mei.    Part II: embracing the spring, describe the process warm shallow met years, Fengguowuhen, always brisk pace of time and difficult to detect, it seems, just a day and night, spring on the overwhelming swept through the north this one land.  School son entered the room, it excited shouting: “Mom early cherry, flowering in front of the cell, like a pink clouds of it.”One guy said as he pulled me, let me see his hand holding a pink, the gap pink petals, golden stamens, buds in a gold small bright green leaves of bare little head sheepishly , like one child did not come to know things, beautiful, elegant, people can not help heart sympathy and affection.When a few days to see them bare before the nightlife of the branches network name just a few sparse bud, I did not expect only a few days, however, it is already blooming into a tree a smile.Readily put it in a vase next to the computer, when he was studying at night, can not resist the spotlight in the past, look at every heart is overflowing with a touch of joy.  Has always been fond of flowers, always wanted to be able to operate an extraordinary day was a beautiful flower-like poetry, on the windowsill, a few cases on the computer, never been a lack of embellishment flowers, tired, tired, his eyes fell on the Green on green plant leaves, fall on a blossoming blooming smile, hearts tired and haze will quietly fade.  We spend our lives, not just an embellishment, but also enable our mind to be cheerful.Winter in the north, always long and bleak, if no three-room two basins flowers, this is how lifeless?  Morning, open the window and glanced around the yard, suddenly found the willow has been studded with green leaves, one by one, clusters, light yellow, light green, like a Zhang Zhangxin pleased to open eyes, and just like a little more vibrant life, shine, jumping, the moment fascinated by the eye.  Breeze, with warmth, the dough passing the cheek, like a lover’s eyes lovingly, like a mother’s gentle hands, instinct both in the air everywhere the fragrance of vegetation, fall into blowing from the nose to the bottom of my heart has been filled.  Thought, if it can in a small courtyard planted thirty-two rose, early morning, opened the window, you can smell the flowers and the smell of sun all day, the mood will be the smell of it!  Through the long, cold winter, who do not mind the urgent hope that the warmth and hugged, and beauty go hand in hand.Vitality of spring, green shiny spring, full of grass embankment in the spring, always gives us a lot of vision, too many expectations.  The wind is soft, the rain is warm, even under the humble corner of grass between the pupil of the eye has become a beautiful landscape.Gossamer soft green smoke, lingering flowers tapestry wind.Overlooking, not far from the front of the building a few tree budding pink shirt, in the spring, in the sun, already Shining and smiled, patchwork, sparsely faint, mixing into a blurred dream.  Many times, the day is spent in the busy, work, life, family, the weight of our exhausted heap together, often forget stopped to enjoy the quiet beauty of a bloom, elegant wisp of clouds.Until suddenly awoke, time has passed season.  Fortunately, life never missed some good, some of the cherished moved.  This season, you can, standing quietly off to open the Xin warm and quiet lane, a missing person, a past, can be dressed Su Yi, walking seems to be absent in the grass, it can also make some of the heart small thoughts to uphold the birds are flying long grass, Xinghuoliaoyuan.”Such a beautiful time, I think, you can find a man, eloped in the spring.”Against the window, my mind suddenly jumped out of listening to the rain a few days ago my sister text in a paragraph, my heart meditation, mouth could not help but glow of a smile, yes ah, spring surge in this season, if we can pull the loved one’s hand, “run away” has become a kind of poetic beautiful.  Since that spring to meet you, my heart becomes no longer alone, how many sleepless nights spent, there have been countless heart of the moment, you sing love songs to me, as if the agreement is five hundred years of love, deep journeying deep love love, waiting quietly looking forward hard, and you’re lookin ‘for love of my life, you are my dream soul led to weigh tie him down, you are my emotional life of the terminal, you are my day every night thoughts.Ears, sounded like Chen Rui slightly sad voice, thoughts are also with in front of a green open slowly submerged, love is the eternal topic of the world, people are being sung through the ages Psalm.But, in this debauchery, noisy impetuous society, but also a few people can get rid of the temptation of money, took off his coat secular, is a simple and beautiful “Love” drop everything turning back, I went to Cape horizon?  Love, there are always too many regrets and sighs.Of the time I met the wrong people, wrong time to meet the person, so all kinds of.  Expanse of wilderness on time, meet the person you want to meet, which require much fate.  You came, bloom season but have tea millet, Mo misty rain, such as injection, several times the cycle time, how much time to write the old story.That year the Tsing Yi white shirt, face handsome boy, already in the time gradually blurred face.That insisted on paper umbrella, walking in the deep alley girls, how many people can remember?  Those who said never separated, now gone?Who promised everlasting oath, whether, has long been wet rain, we do not put together back to the original successful?I watched faded, walked on the loose, the Nai River Bridge, Sansei Stone River, who is waiting for whom the Millennium reincarnation?  White plum blossoms fall, he said: “Give me some old time, sitting alone in a green moss grow under the wooden windows, a pot of tea idle.Never mind that South swallows son, what day we can return home.Do not ask, that leaves boat, where the horizon would exile.Not to think about those who through the years, in the end how much is true, how much is fake.If you can, I just want to do one left the world of Plum, guarding lonely Love, the old ferry, and a return man, with quiet watching the sunset haze.”Indifferent, quiet, worry-free, without fear, any things such as flow, heart stride.But, if there is no variety of experience to the Red earthly, how can such a transparent insights?  Social development and progress faster, people are becoming increasingly impetuous, fight name, fame and wealth has become synonymous with progress requirements of their own.  Love, also entered an era of rapid development, flash marriage, flash off, a marriage certificate has long been unable to hold a solemn commitment to love.  Sometimes, love, too light, too light like a wisp of smoke, twinkling of an eye lost the trail.Sometimes also, love, too heavy, so heavy that people can not afford.Perhaps the world’s most beautiful love, then I did not love you, but with action silently care, Youai An good.  PASSING fleeting, always in a hurry to leave and hurried.Relentless years, come and go between, Love dying slowly, gradually dim the lights.Only this beautiful spring day, year after year still come to the party, warm, bright, as shown signs.  Xin warm flowers, birds filled the air, stained green mountains, gurgling streams, warm and romantic in this season, please promise me in the fleeting light leaning ferry, no romance, no love, no pain complaints, saying only that treasure.  The depths of time, smile, without a word, only to pick up these beautiful season, under the tracing process met the grand and warm.