And because they are lonely reverie

In the vast Yukino inside a stone, a seven year old boy lost father sat alone for an afternoon.Even he does not know what to think.If the world no longer exists..Sun went down.Cold high-altitude, moon alone hung the stars seem lonely and thin.The little boy that sat there, hand holds the gills, eyes filled with tears imprisoned not fall.The cold night wind came the sound of her sister affectionately call.At that moment, he seemed to feel that they have not a child, grew up in an afternoon sat as if a lot of.He flew into the arms of her sister burst into tears: “Sister, I’m lonely, I’m lonely!”Cold and windy with.”You’re so small, how lonely?”Sister wipe the tears on his face with both hands crossflow.He cried even more, howl, unrestrained tears into a vast expanse term: “Sister, I’m really lonely.”(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) sister cuddled him, he fell asleep in the arms of her sister.Sister took him back home.Ordinary small farm house, a kerosene lamp warm house, the boy’s mother and sister waiting for him.”Brother grow up.”Sister said with tears of mother and grandmother.Infinite tenderness mother and grandmother watched the little boy.Out the window, the stars blinking his sleepless eyes, the moon needy.Wind whistling blowing, as in telling what.dream.The little boy’s dream.Yukino.Open Yukino.a tree.The little boy ran inside the Yukino.The tree tall, kind father looked at him.”Daddy, Daddy.”Empty snow at night echoed with the sound of crisp little boy.Father hearty smile: “sonny, let dad hug.”My father kissed the little boy’s face, the little boy’s laughter echoing in the Yukino.Yukino vast, vast Yukino.Father holding his little boy.a tree.The last one leaves on the branches falling in the cold.”Daddy, Daddy!”Cried the little boy.Father tall figure disappearing behind a tree.Wind sobbing desolately.”Daddy, Daddy.”The little boy struggled to sit up in bed.Grandmother, mother and sister’s hand on the boy’s hand: “Do not be afraid, do not be afraid.”Many years later, the little boy’s dream when he missed his father, is so clear and fuzzy, distant but approaching.The little boy in the years of wind and rain grew.Father, became the topic of his soul forever miss, as his forever remembered endless grief.Whenever he saw every one of his father alive, he wondered if his father will feel happiness, no matter how poor life.In a child’s growth, the role of father and mother lack of any party, will be more or less left the party shortcomings in the child’s mind, and even affect the child’s life.In the years of wind and rain, the father is a tree full of warmth.When a child alone withstand years of dark clouds, he used to loneliness, accustomed to being alone, introverted, silent, to understand the meaning of loneliness and feel its presence, which can be considered the world gave him a gift.Sensitive little boy, a worry, loneliness, Scienscope.In dawned on him that his father died prematurely grow up not unrelated.Possible because a crippled love, prompted him to choose the text is not by chance become attached.Lonely almost throughout his boyhood.One because they are lonely and reverie, he became one of the pillars of the spiritual world of the book, Love became the subject of his eternal chant, with their own pen and imagination became his lyrical way.I remember, one year, he saw a father to write the article, see him shed tears.Infected article, he wrote that the dream of a child in the manuscript fast underground to miss his father.When the article was published, which has caused a lot of people’s sympathy.Rain several times, several times the Spring and Autumn, when his father Omokage search in memory when searched only vague Omokage.He wanted to relive all the warm memories of his father in a dream.However, the dream is always sad pain, he only remembers his father’s tall stature, and the face is blurred shadow.That year, my father wanted to see him before his death, his mother when he was led to his father’s bed, his father was tortured disease skinny, ugly face.He was afraid to break free of his mother’s hand fled out of the house.That night, his father never to leave him.Know that he grew up a lot, then he did not grow up Haohen not sensible, not quietly waiting in front of his father dying, no he shook his father’s hand, even with his small hand into his father sent to trace the long distance warmth.On the street when he saw a father and son walking joking, he stood a long time looking at.By this time he always felt wind, eyes Sese.His mind flashed a few fragments about his father: Five-year-old when he was holding a small bowl and eat a small partner in the alley, the day overcast with heavy clouds, and soon lightning, heavy rain spilling down, small partners Ganjin Wang home run.He Paozhaopaozhe, heard thunder, scared him lying on the floor fall.Bowl broke on his forehead scratched a small mouth and bloody, he cried.In the rain picked up his father, a doctor’s father, soon to wrap up his wounds.”I believe the father of medicine, a little scar will not stay.”My father patted his shoulder and said,” Do not cry, do a little man!”It should be the right time five or six, he’s playing in a sand mound edge, a bee stung his calf, and the pain he burst into tears.Father on his ass a slap shot: “Do not cry!”And then, with his hands in his calf sting out of the toxins, cast a medicine, soon feel It does not hurt anymore.He was pleased to play go.One year, he was sick, very sick.Riding a bicycle with his father hurried to catch a small town hospital.Late at night, he woke up.Father sitting on the bed, looking somewhat haggard.See he woke up, his father asked him if he felt any better?He said that much better, going home.Father laughed, could not help but kiss him.When home, his father bought a lot of good food.Along the way, his father teasing smile.A small country road, that father and son cycling map, forever fixed in his mind wild..Years without a father, he felt alive is an orphan, there is always the pain of difficult words to say.And because they are lonely reverie, a reverie where his father missed words.Grandmother said his grandfather was “Return of the Native group” innocent killed when his father was a teenager.His father became a village eight miles doctors have names.Father charity, which is the proud grandmother.So many years later, the little boy’s growing up, he was helped many well-intentioned people, but also made him forever thankful.In yet another ferry the years, he was full of desolation in search of memories related to the father’s every detail, just past a dream, like a song.He remembered that his father’s body flowing blood, he will always maintain the good father’s mettle.He believes is never a better life, as long as the struggle unyielding pursuit; years never compassionate, loving kindness as long as tough.In the years of the trek, in gratitude for life, the soul of self-motivation, splashing into the water flowing in the river of youth, the “face of adversity soon, since the strong win” banner in his heart fluttering wild.When another Father’s Day approaching, when the people of the world Thanksgiving father, his father’s gratitude, he wrote the above words, the father is willing to rest in peace, willing himself strong.He would also like to say is: people living father, ah, please cherish the days with his father accompanied it, something is lost forever will never be found, because only leave their fatherless and lonely and painful thoughts and imagination among, but most people have feelings.