And accompanying book day

Part one: the book accompanying the day there is a pleasure to read, there is a move to harvest, there is a realm steeped.  Always wanted in the dead of night, brew a pot of warm tea, point a light heart, with a moon window, reclining bed, holding meditation volumes, with accompanying book.In the lingering atmosphere of tea in Yixin obsession of browsing in the book the sea, devout search.And the book accompanying the day, it will make you an informed mind and bright.Because it is the mentor, is the life of a lamp to illuminate your life’s long road.An old saying: straight down in front of three thousand words, no little chest times dust, reading can open your mind, your spiritual sustenance, enchant your soul, so that you have a cheerful attitude, open-minded mind, insight into the mind of the world.You can make heart and lofty aspirations satisfied that the Sea.We have busy watching the flowers bloom, clouds scud across the indifferent state of mind, allowing you to avoid the reef shallows, overcoming all obstacles, invincible, for your life at the helm of that route.  And the book accompanying the day, it will grant you knowledge, wisdom endowed you.Because it is the source of knowledge, wisdom boat, carrying you swim in the ocean’s scholarly, greedy taking nutritional essence, indulge in a ink Kaori.On to astronomy, geography, down to the ways of the world, all-powerful, nothing less.Across time and space tunnel, any thoughts you ride flying, coquettish taste.Courtly scholar weak, pale idle word poetry masterpiece Quotes, vulgar hack Masterpieces of snow on the wind flower, you will make ripples, cherished.Read the sacred makes you intoxicated, fine chemicals slowly chew, taste the scholarly, chew charm.Make you able to self, to cultivation, to Yew, the situation is through things.In the ever-changing, complicated things in the world, let you ease standing invincible, and accompanied by a book of the day, life would be happy filling.All feel a sadness troubles disappear, let your mind and body away from the noisy quarrels, disputes and grievances aside to rest.”Asked him that so clear, that there is water flowing,” so that books give your heart to import Creek steady stream of holy water, moisturize your dry and slightly lonely heart.You will be immersed in which to roam the sea and tireless ink Shu-shan.You will suddenly find that life is no longer lonely, no longer dark world.The book also good to Wonderland, will let you forget, benefit!  And the book accompanying the days of silent reading, great atmosphere, quiet sentiment.This exclusive scholarly, this contend, this quiet.Who is not an elegant enjoy it?  Late at night, light a month, I would rather indulge in this book the sea, and the books sleep.    Part II: the book accompanying the days of vast earth, such as gurgling brook, washing Aging; shuttle time, such as time clocks stop, recorded before walking the line of life.In this noisy hustle and bustle of Red Dust, where I’m going to look for orchids Hui Chi, charm Xiahe, Qiu Feng Hongyan, winter snows uninhibited?How can I avoid the annoyance earthly?Where it will be my spiritual paradise?Looking at the cupboard full of books, I have one friend – book.  The night quietly, clock ticking.My thoughts cruising in the tunnel of time and space in.Tossing and turning, wrote picks up a book, read mesmerized makes a product, like a friend for years, and a taste of life in.Nightlife net book house of gold.The book is a source of wisdom, and it is a symbol of wisdom.Reading can enlighten my mind, made me grow knowledge; read also kept me away from impetuous, worry and noisy; you can also express their aspirations and confusion and doubt note of at the moment; wander, each book permeated everything between the lines We are deeply intoxicated and obsessed me.These can make me feel close to the breath of life, so I will be more to love life.  In this field of knowledge of the book, even though I was just a curious look around in the grass sprouts exposed the colorful world, but I’m also eager to thrive in this vast expanse of the world of knowledge.I was hungry smelling the aroma of the earth at the moment, sucking the nutrients of the soil.There are really good book accompanied by the day!  ”Asked him what so clear, as there is water flowing.”.The book contains the philosophy and style, it is my life flowing gurgle of running water.With the book of life companions, it will make my life more exciting.  Book – I want to betray you, in the future I will spend more time with you.  Because only a broad knowledgeable in your mind, I will not waste time and mediocrity, with your companions and incentives, I will ride forward on the stage of life, closer and better!  And the book accompanying nice day!