And a spring drunk

Green wicker off period, a small hand twist force, removing white branches, with a knife at one end of the empty tube carefully stripped of the outermost layer of the epidermis, a willow flute on the well.With a bunch of dough expertly woven willow branches circle, his head set, this is the hat.Blowing loud whining willow flute, wearing cool wicker hat, monkey general dexterity of a tree surrounded by climbing up and down, sometimes brandishing swords made of willow sticks and the “enemy” flame, this is the child the era of carefree childhood.    Catkins flying, Xu warm sunshine covered pond.The hands of willow leaves, sprinkling water.Look chasing small fish, hearts dream like the ripples one by one.More often still prefer to be alone, to see the head of the clouds will imagination, listen to the birds chirp trees will be turned into a story.Happy place, even the boys will be reserved smiled.This is the favorite boyhood dream of spring.(Chinese prose network WWW.SanWen.COM) is the time of rebirth, when the thickness sized willow waist now has as a bucket, canopy extending out ten meters.Pond disappeared, the above is already pretty spacious new premises.No kids playing under a tree, nor a dreamer teenager.That rough, cracked bark like a wrinkled old man, filled with the vicissitudes of the face is still so fond memories of the past it?    Is the adult world without a lovely fairy tale?Are middle-aged people, there is no colorful dream?I still like to see the blue sky, I still like to see clear water.Meng looked up to see the new Liuya feel that the spring of life began.    At this point, just raised his glass, ready to work with a drunk spring!