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2008 at 14:28 on May 12, China had seven.8 earthquake, the epicenter in Sichuan’s Wenchuan quake affected more than half of China.Party and the country with the fastest speed, called on the whole Party, army and people across the country about the Sichuan earthquake bailout, the state leaders went to the disaster areas to guide disaster relief, people sent to the disaster area warm, countless Chinese people waiting concerned about the situation in the disaster relief front of the TV, TV playing numerous disaster relief, disaster area people help themselves touching stories in which people feel us, “one and four” is the story of countless touching tears in a, I do not know the names of characters in the story, but I do not want these to be the story of the characters we know the name of the write down, to comfort the victims compatriots mind.He, a disaster area for a school math teacher, 2008 May 12 at noon as usual, he accompanied his wife at home eating dinner, his wife looked at his thin face, painfully tucked into his food bowl He said: “you’re so busy, and people are lost, eat, pay attention to your body.”He looked at the eyes of his wife’s care, heart sweet honey, smiled and said:” Nothing, my body is all right.I was dean, and now the children studies sprint stage, I can not throw loose, which is promising big things children, and other students bid farewell to this session, I will take a break.”The wife reluctantly shook his head, turned and gave him a bowl of soup Sheng.Enough to eat a bowl push him away, everything left his wife because he was no time to take care of home, school, students need him a lot of things on the school educational administration still waiting for him, and his afternoon math class, as well as his own course ah.When he looked at his wife when closed look busy at home, feeling guilty, leaning on the handle embarrassed grimaces to his wife and said: “Hey, tough wife, bye, bye-bye.”Entering his office, he lined up the day’s work in the educational work diary, lesson plans math class again in the afternoon out of view to watch, speak to the students in need to focus on the place, a few red circle marks, which class when ready rang, he stood up, his clothes full, capacity, holding books, lesson plans walked to the classroom, he does not know and can not know death as he strode positive and walked to the classroom.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) to deeply he told the class from shallow with mathematical principles to analyze a mathematical formula giving top priority to the students, the students listened attentively, remember.Suddenly, the classroom began to shake, and before we react, roof slabs and bricks have begun to fall, fear of children began howling, classroom whack.He desperately shouting: “Do not panic, we drill down under the table, and slowly climb out!”He did not know his children to hear their cry, he simply commanded, shouting, then a brick split head in the crash hit to him, and his own body rushed to prop up his hand, will teach in front of tightly cover your desk, desperately shouting: “children, quickly climbed out from under the table, fast!fast.”Before he screams, the building has collapsed, but he still goes on patrol with his own flesh and blood to teach tables, it is the lifeblood of the children escape!One, two, three, four.We know this from under the table and successfully survived four students.Four children survived when people find rescue him, he is still teaching table that patrol posture, but his back had smashed bloody.He’s gone, I still do not know the teacher’s name, probably a lot of people like me do not know the people’s teacher’s name.But his story touched all the people present, moved hundreds of millions of TV viewers.After he escapes his wife heard the touching story, thought of her husband, her husband is also a teacher, and she wanted her husband to the same teacher bowed, express their respect.Close to him, close to him again, his wife really did not expect the teacher of the people is the hero of their loved ones!It is that lunch was so affectionate husband.Silent tears and the rain flowing, is sad, is moved, is revered.