Ancient chichou

Western gush years old city a mere feeling, really Pichu corner of the lot.Square city, the ancient city of Liye, old Secretary City, Phoenix, dry chow, Longtan City, sheep – City.An ancient city in succession, each with characteristics of reproduction and resurrection, had to make the outside world attention, amazed the world.It is these ancient city of fame and cultural implications, so that has always been known as quite slim smoke miasma rain historical sites of Xiangxi what has become fresh and plump up.This is the charm of the ancient city of Hunan and soul, into a new active ingredient for the Western civilization.Xiangxi is not only mysterious, but also become more thick and spirit.    Strong waves cultural state Xunfeng continue to grow Xiangxi River Otani Ying empty blowing, Xungu, Nagu, bearing the ancient atmosphere of increasingly hot.There is a growing concern about the ancient city of Hunan and cast unlimited imagination and vision of the occasion, do not forget there are often talked about but a thousand years of ancient state Cenji Old City – Ancient Sijhou; but do not forget the ancient Western history Sijhou the only independent existence over 700 years old gun; do not forget the ancient era Sijhou is a critical period to maturity of the Tujia.    Ancient Sijhou, people tend to be simply interpreted as Secretary Yongshun old city is located, it is not true.Sijhou, Department of Tang Tianshou years, analysis of Chenzhou Township, Three booths set two counties, Wei has preserved the most ancient and most complete geography total records “Yuanhe County records,” says the first, followed by the old and new Don book, Chronicles Chronicles basically follow this statement.However, in my humble opinion, the earliest recorded historical records Sijhou or “ten Chi”: “Sijhou, lingxi County, Yu Gong Jingzhou domain, the ancient land belongs to the same Chenzhou.Takenori neutral Sijhou, Wuxi meet this test cap.”” South Chu Miao Chi “Yiyun:” early Gaozu Takenori, soldiers Weiyuan deterrence, ‘brute’ getting attached, set Kam, river, witch, Syria, state award.”” Geography Hiroki “have similar words.”Ten records,” is written by Wu Yan Zhou Shiliang uploaded, published time than the “Yuanhe County records,” more than a hundred years before, same to say, should be located in Gaozu Li Yuan Sijhou period, should be set up in the year 618 between 626 to.When you extended for seven years to the Yuan Dynasty (AD 1320), Shun Secretary of any change since the thirteenth toast Pengsheng Zu Sijhou as “Shun Fusi” Sijhou existence for more than 700 years of history.    From the Qin Dynasty to the Sui Dynasty 800 years between, on the Sijhou this ancient land has long co-exist with youyang, Qianling counties, to the Tang Dynasty, the two counties have been fully integrated into the land of chichou.Tang why they feel labeled distinguished name of chichou?About scripture says Sijhou to meet here named Wuxi.The so-called Wuxi namely: male brook, creek Man, no river, unitary Creek, Chenxi, Wei Li Tao Yuan “Waterways” first proposed Wuxi say.Location of Wuxi, a more consistent argument is: Wuxi, respectively, for today’s water witch, Mingxi, Wu water, shui, Chen water, visible Sijhou the field covered most parts of the basin Wuxi.    If we make further history Analysis, Wuxi land of indigenous communities, saying the river sub-national, “Huainan,” says: “No black bow, the son of the river crossbow, but not without strings and shoot.”GAO Note:” No black, also Zhe mulberry, river son, the crossbow was also abroad name.Or we can say the river, the barbarians also to Zhe mulberry crossbow, because the child’s Crossbow Creek also said,.”Han Ying Shao-called scholar;” Zhe Sang Chu has, on its Tosu, support under the ground, not flying, falling want to call number, Gu Yue Wu No..”Mr. Yinke in the release certificate” Wei pointed out “ethnic Koto article, ‘Creek’ actually refers to nirvana gourd seed quite concerned, to have a relationship with Wuxi names.Wuxi to meet the history books show that once the original sub-ethnic groups living overseas Creek residence, since the Han River sub-barbarians gradually evolved into Wuxi Man.So, that analysis, Wuxi Datang of land to Sijhou named, not simply for justice in Wuxi meet, while its deeper meaning, we would expect to Wuxi Man can really be attributed to the same bus as Wuxi unified, just as “Yu Minutes” said “resolution ChenZhou Sijhou set as a control group of the Man”.    Two Sijhou arrived in the East Jin Xiang, west Sichuan, south near Chen Yang, go south of Gap, as the four-way five of the suburbs, the soil has always been for the emperor to Rio, the military strife channel.Chu in the Spring and Autumn periods Qianzhong this setting, after the capture of the Warring States period Qin Chu as set Qianzhong, Qin to Dongting County, Han to set Wuling County, South County Yuanling Chen discrete, time change Sui provided Chenzhou, regardless of dynastic change, Sijhou belongs counties have never been separated from the king outside the jurisdiction, even once in control of the situation tight watch Yu.Jane Liye Qin, Qin County, a Archives is the best description.    Tang Dynasty, the Border policy is no exception, set Sijhou control group is quite.Tang is not the way to Sijhou jurisdiction Jimi state system, by at least a loose system of state system.First of all, Tang Kaiyuan, to set fifteen, Sijhou directly under Guizhou Dudufu, neither within the government jurisdiction listed in “New Tang” fifty-one Jimi state of, nor in the “Old Tang,” the For fifty Jimi statewide history contained so clear, is not a natural Sijhou Jimi Prefectures.Moreover, Tang has been pursuing a high pressure of Sijhou control policy, completely different from the state capital of Guizhou Province under the jurisdiction of Jimi states are entitled to courtesy.”Old Tang,” and “Mirror” clearly documented Tang Dynasty twice repression Sijhou quite an event.Once Kaiyuan twelve years, Xu Yang Si eunuch Sijhou pretty bloody suppression by force chief Tan Xingzhang rebellion, once Yoshiomi Xi Smithfield surprisingly little discussion Pinghsi to state very handsome son Qi.    Xu Yang Si no ordinary eunuch, but Emperor Li Longji rely heavily on the general, often leading imperial troops in war, creating a precedent eunuch led troops set off.There brawn Yangsi Xu, cruel good kill, “resulting captivity, have more stripping its surface, or Face Cutting hair, dandruff latch, the soldiers, lookout deterrence dread, Mogan bottom”.History contains: Sijhou chief Tan Lines of Chapter rebellion, Xu Chao Yang Si as the central Guizhou Zhao Tao, army sixty thousand crusade, captured Zhang Qin line, cut its 30,000-level Department of Public.This is probably the most brutal killings in the history of Western.In addition to Xu Yang Si Tan Binh Dinh line Wuxi chapter, Annan also expedition leader Mei Xuancheng rebellion, kill all their party; Zeishuai Liangtai Hai Yong Zhou crusade, remnants cut two thousand level; Takimoto state into the discussion leader Chen Xingfan, kill captives 60,000 people will Otaki razed to the ground state.Xu Yang Si because Nanzheng hehe exploits, dubbed 骠骑大将军, become a big handful of military medals aristocratic Tang dynasty.These facts can be seen from its people repeat itself cruel Yangsi Xu, Xu Yang Si visible position in the Tang Dynasty prominent repeat itself, it can also be found south of the Tang Dynasty wrist repeat itself tough business, Sijhou more visible in the Tang emperor is far from the minds of a general state of Jimi.    This Sijhou faced almost harsh strict policy until five quarters king Sijhou of the war began to change, really into called “normalization Ming Wang of” national regional autonomy autonomy era is indeed “Shi Chuan county India,” the.    Period of five quarters, a Sijhou about to dominate the centuries-old Peng’s prominent families boarded the big stage of history Sijhou.A brute Tao unlucky years of sheikh PENG worry (also the actual Tang Scholars origin) into the sky and shouts, the horse Chu dynasty launched a war of Sijhou Kaijiangtuotu.”Nine Zhi” and “Ten States” records, Tianfu four years (939 years) fall in August, led by Sijhou worry thorn Shipeng Shi Kam, Sijhou public of thousand, conflict Li, Long, Chen three states, and fought against the city Yap, send the command to the king Maxi Fan Liu Qing, Liu Kuang Heng Qi Shuai five thousand infantry crusade.PENG worry about losing the first battle to battle, defeated Paul fortress, Chu hot pursuit, rapidly Paul fortress siege.Paul fortress that is today Shun Village on the eastern side of Kowloon kicking, so far there are ancient castles and ancient battlefield sites.Walled state must fight on all sides, can only pass down the mountain trail.PENG Choujie with high-walled, the night held the flames, according to risk sticking.Liu Qing, Liu Qi Marina selection warrior cliff edge ladder, tied the cliff, turns to attack, numerous casualties on both sides, the Chu Kuang Liao Qi killed.For a time the sound of drums shock syndrome valley, the two sides close call, into a stalemate.Chu helpless in the case of the despicable act, ordered his soldiers to poison streams in the cottage, Man Jun poisoned many, combat power greatly reduced.Tianfu five years between the first month of spring, a sudden storm that day on the south, Chu momentum, Walled houses were burned to the cottage Multi-rocket volley, Man Jun tragic casualties.In desperation, PENG worry more night to lead the remnants extreme danger, he fled to Jin, the state awards the mountains, and ordered his son Peng Hao led the brute division chiefs, carrying Creek, Kam, Tri-State Printing Award Qingjiang.Chu Maxi Fan is not responsible for the crime PENG worry father and son, on the contrary continues to bestow office, but also to follow the story Fubo General Ma Yuan, PENG worry with the League, demarcation and rule, copper pillars stand in chichou.    May Sijhou battle lasted for years, it is surprising denouement Sijhou the people desire the return to military writer Jinhui famous phrase to describe this very timely and ending: “In addition to the name of the winner did not fail, but everything has a loser; no failure except in the name of victory, but got everything winner.”Pang is a failure of the winner, the loser is the victory of Markov.Peng’s victory is not only a family victory, but when the river north and south of all ethnic groups in Lebanon triumph.Victory embodied in Xizhou and other states enjoyed autonomy veritable dynasty Markov agreed: Sijhou lord exemption, tax confession; not allow outsiders into chaos states four circles looting; allowed Creek strong buy goods; states Division Branch Correctional autonomy, not just Xingbing violations; do not smoke Sijhou this difference to all soldiers.Markov dynasty established in the form of a covenant Han Peng’s hereditary its duty, under the jurisdiction of their world, the world leading its people, the World main event, the World Commission of its soldiers in a small dynasty status, to save enough for Peng’s toast dynasty hereditary monopoly of wisdom a substantial inheritance.Markov dynasty get only illusory king and flashy achievements.Maxi Fan nature of luxury, not far from a little after the war and massive construction projects, the construction of the House Chamber, the number will be Spring Garden, Kowloon’s most magnificent temple.Khitan off Jin, China chaos, still obsessed with Maxi Fan Xing for government department, do not think of Kun Ding Si Ji Qiang of the plan, not the great cause, resulting in Dingsi Kun throat with anger choke to death.”Taiping” There is one weird things in mind: Maxi Fan built when the city of Changsha, a prominent North Shore moat monster, there is a long Zhang Yu, without clues no brothers, shaped like a mound, while cruising in the city of Ho, from the south bank of the moat disappeared without a trace, when people said that the earth dragon.Before long, Maxi Fan unexpectedly passed away.Since then Markov dynasty when internal strife after another, spread hope calyx, off to Southern Tang.Tongzhu word inscription reads: “Xi Wei Wei who is still feeling the benefits, satisfied quality go out seeking oath, the oath mountains Xi told the spirits, protect thousands of children and grandchildren Come Spring.”I’m afraid Mayan king never imagined even just pass their own dynasty IV Liao Liao carrying more than fifty, ‘September centuries’ cause Ukraine has become an instant.Instead, Pang small dynasty has lasted more than 800 Spring catch.Dynasties rise and fall of its own inevitable, but Stuck to this, the people are the foundation, all the people first, depending on where people like dirt, anti-people and even anti-Chuan, without hesitation abandoned the reason?    Three Sijhou of the war, Sijhou actually divided into upper and lower two states, until Yan Song, officially divided into upper, middle and lower three states, under oath Sijhou for the next state, lies at the heart of the rule of chichou.Although Yu Song Dynasty control since Sijhou continue to follow a policy Five formation of the “tree of its chiefs, the self-Zhen Fu,” the Jimi state system, but never give up and always Sijhou of development and economic strategy, at least so the Northern Song Dynasty.Since Dynasty under Jinghu Ancestor open to the south, the Song Dynasty annals clearly documented on six occasions to be Sijhou Zhao Yu and military forces, Tong Zhu Chen has repeatedly been the diversion of state capital.During the period, two incidents influential, it is worth pondering, one is brought in to reuse again Chenzhou Xiong Qin Yao people, Zhen Fu Enron five states; one is Ancestor absorb Chenzhou commoner words of Alice Zhang, Ping South River, forcing Sijhou division Yan Peng Carolina soil submission.    Qin Xiong again, Chenzhou Song Yao leader, majestic, Wu Jian resourceful, proficient quite love, very high in compulsory service in prestige.Brought in after the reunification of Chenzhou, summoned him to Tokyo Kaifeng, reflected in its people, greatly appreciate, Chen appointed provincial governor, appointed his son as Dianzhi, reward rich, but also gives him the privilege, set up their own internal organization, officials themselves appointment to permit the levy statewide rent Fu.Qin Xiong Thanksgiving again, swear to serve.After returning to Chenzhou, quickly train a direct descendant army three thousand people, all of them can be armor Ferry, Alexandra fly cutting, such as the Czech Republic ape monkey.At the same time choose select more than 20 cronies, quite convey deep meaning Huairou court, states quite Emirates caught allegiance to the court, also known Sijhou Peng Yunlin Conduit brought in the first year (963 years) in columns submission.Brought in exultation, Peng Yunlin is still canonized Creek provincial governor, and Chao Xiong Qin and then to Beijing, personally give thanks Award, and he was named to make his militia Chenzhou.Then by the imperial Qin Xiong, increasingly great care, meticulous care side.Brought painstaking use of “restrict” policy, the court does not increase a soldier, does not cost a single cent to grace very easily exchange for Chen, tranquility Creek, Kam, witch, Syria’s five-state radius of several miles of border.    Brought good intentions are not durable policy, Bengcu Dynasty, quite Emirates and its separatist, the sentence served impermanence.Sijhou territory continued to expand at Peng’s business, Peng’s family have sworn the right to master the increasingly compacted soils of, first, Peng Ru Meng expansion, the merger loyalty Pengzhou, after Peng Shiyi since “wishful king”, tastes set oath under 10 Tri-state, the annexation of the Sijhou, this is not a situation that can be tolerated Song Dynasty, Song Dynasty have occurred conquering march.    Ancestor Zhao Xu is a rare enlightened and progressive in the Song Dynasty emperor, ascended the throne after efforts to eliminate resistance enabled Wang, the implementation of Xining Reform, one dedicated to Fuguoqiangbing.Ancestor almost at the same time the North Western Xia Yu, also did their utmost civilized south, he put down under Sijhou is proud to open the move south.Interestingly Ancestor economic strategy Sijhou, even to adopt a policy Chenzhou commoner Alice Zhang, really wanted to come in today is not easy, which shows the governing powers eager and enlightened.Alice Zhang letter to the essence of the policy of the contribution is: first recruit rich South River, Xia State is satisfied that soil, re-use Beijiang Sijhou Peng Yan coward cowardly division, took the opportunity to recruit, to build walled city, set taxes.Ancestor adopt the words of Alice Zhang, dense lines Zhao Yu, Zhang Dun to dispatch missions to the North Jinghu, by brute system.After Zhangdun led troops went to Chenzhou, on the whole according to Alice Zhang said, after the first map of South Carolina Beijiang River.But in the specific logistics gradually deviated Ancestor “restrict” policy, wantonly resort to force, bloody carnage, According to historical records, the injured soldiers and civilians died because of no fewer than 20 million people, rocked the ruling and opposition parties for this purpose.Xining eight years (1075), under the division Yan Peng River governor forced deterrence, take the initiative to report to the membership around the refuge edition under oath to state, mutatis mutandis, Han paying taxes.The court ordered their praise, Qin Ming Sijhou city under construction, thanks to the Metro name will brook.It is interesting that this comet appeared in the sky, because of all the words Ancestor “skies have changed” and dismissed Wang forced the second phase, which means separatist Reform Group.    Peng Yan Carolina Division of soil tribute metaphor for balance since the war Sijhou established Sijhou autonomous self-government has been broken, but the current situation did not last long, more of Yuanyou, Song Dynasty and promptly correct extension between Xining years the policy, Pang has returned to the family are the main oath status, the North River complex for Jimi region.After Song Zhaonan crossing, cutting Liao against gold because the matter is urgent, no time has been made powerless by barbarians Beijiang.Sijhou Penfound stone hit the post after 1135 took the opportunity to shake off the shackles of Chenzhou, the state government moved to Stone County lingxi blessing that today’s Old City Division.Sijhou territory at this time has not now that the ratio of the lost South River, the increasingly narrow, but with more freedom and more autonomous space.    Four Sijhou Tang and Song era not only in the history of a nation seeking autonomy crucial turning point of the region, it is a form of national integration of the special stage.    Among the factors in the formation of a nation, the only material conditions are the basic geographical factors, and common area is the core.Historians dispute the time of the formation of the Tujia again and again, or say Pakistani culture period, or say Spring and Autumn Period, or say the Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty or say, or say five quarters, or Song said, or said during the toast, it seems to have unusual truth, but also indirectly reflects the complexity and specificity of Tujia.    Explore the origins of Tujia, I am more convinced archaeological researcher Chaihuan Bo definition of the Tujia: Tujia neither biologically blood heritage natural result, not a unit of language, but the group formed by the specific historical reasons.This particular historical reasons Han refers to special geopolitical relations and political context of a particular historical period formed.Tang and Song Sijhou that have a particular political background of the common area, is this common area has spawned a common language, common economic characteristics and common psychological quality, common cultural characteristics of ethnic communities – Tujia.    Early Tang Sijhou not wide geography, something six hundred, eight hundred in the north and south, the territorial boundaries of more than ten thousand square kilometers, a population of million people, but the significance of statehood set up county unusual, the Tujia ancestors gathered the core area of the dispersed attributed to dominate, the mother river of feeding Tujia shui this first time ever across the border to draw on a domain, charity, which benefits all things, water will eventually flow pulse cleaned up the geographical and psychological barrier membrane of a nation.    Five Dynasties period, Sijhou actual controlled territory reached Jinzhou, award states, Sijhou magnificent epic battle to show the common aspiration of the states of Lebanon, copper pillars covenant with rock-firm guardian of the common interests of the people of the states.    Early Song, Sheng Peng’s strength reaches of history, membership expanded to most Sijhou version of history, as the “Republic of China Yongshun County,” said: Sijhou “If the theory of liberal cable Jiang, Yan Song is than, like its male squat more than twenty states, north and south of the river there, Shun only a mere bandit first.”According to the” History of the Song brute Biography “contains:” first, the largest North River quite Emirates Zheyue Pang, the Bank has Sijhou.There are three states, said on the middle and lower river, and dragons, thanks to providential, obedient, Baojing, probation, Shun York six, Yi, security, well, new, consistent, rich, come, rather, south, Shun, Gaozhou XVII total twenty states, are set provincial governor.The provincial governor and the river are the main oath.Kyushu are ten Li Yan, that the state under oath.”By now the geographical concept, under oath basically embrace the state, including the Xiangxi Tujia northern region, and western Hubei Laifeng, Xianfeng, northeast Guizhou and eastern Chongqing Tujia, it should be said is basically Tujia Today” co area “stable ‘foundation’.At this time Sijhou control area and sphere of influence has been far beyond the Song Dynasty Jimi state defined territory, its meaning is no longer the wide territory widowed, but a real trend and reflects the strength of a free nation combination of spontaneous aggregation , Sijhou has become when people aspire to community.How Sijhou land and in the course of history there is such with unparalleled ancients and to those who do?Ming and Qing years, the bordering areas toast everywhere, there is not much from the original chichou twenty states?Toast each soldier dead weight, preparedness contradictory to each other, has been far less than Sijhou was the pride and arrogance.    Sijhou has become Peng’s music is not hereditary dynasty territory is small, but it seems in the Song Dynasty was “complex Ridge mountains, miscellaneous toilet Jing Chu, Pakistan, Guizhou, witch, the king of all four territories,” the island.However, this island is “not quite Cave, Han immigrants do not” provide favorable conditions for the development of physical survival Tujia. It is this island, a hundred years blend to form a “Bizika” language, “Palestinian shepherd boy sing a song, Noe also offer ridicule,” slang mix songs in the countryside; it is this island, only the co-located people, including former Pu, Ba, Chu, Qin and, later moving into many tribes honor from morning till evening, sympathetic, “hybrid form”, the “Song” used to say the “natives”, “soil Ding ‘,’ earth pretty ‘, has become the prototype of the Tujia name; it is this island, which makes the common destiny shared responsibility of the states are deeply Sijhou under oath, more inspired “separatism how Chiaki Italy, aggressively battle partial squat rock a “toughness, thick cast honest, open-minded inclusion, unbending, unyielding national character; it is this island, making a thousand miles from north to south across the East shui through the years, condensed into a tie sometimes deep and sometimes high-pitched concussion Kawadani shock shui spiritual chant, chant shui is an epic Tujia heaven and earth; it is this island, to maintain the Tujia ethnic worship ancient and mysterious beliefs, Sheba season Hand synagogues, clarion, Tima Zhang Yin, Eight bells shaking, eight Luoqun whipped, the King eight great God, under instructions from the main Duke Peng, all here to purify the soul, the case of all Catastrophist this vanished; it is this island, forming a “live Sijhou home soil since ancient times, rustic Chun Liang optimal environment, Qu Kang hear a song, ancient folk songs people love romantic” colorful ethnic customs, ten thousand red light, Waving lingering.    Five Sijhou its history and vicissitudes has unlimited wonderful, but the end result Sijhou Old City has been elusive, and the general Sijhou elusive dream.Throughout the ages there many claims to the Old City where the position chichou.    ”Fang Yu Minutes” contains: Tang Shun Sijhou the state government in the Southwest Division of rural territory one hundred seventy.    ”Shun Fu Zhi” cloud: Sijhou Old City in Longshan County southeast.    ”Republic of China Yongshun County,” said: Tang Song Sijhou non Sijhou City City, Tang Sijhou namely lingxi, because at the side of the brook, named after the city in this old Division.Poem reads: “Sijhou same mind ancient state, still leave the old stone Fu Jun Cheng.”Song on the river at points in the three states, the Yongsan Sijhou in this situation, in Sijhou in this Division Yongshun old city, in this case Sijhou Guzhang will Xipinghe.    ”Geography attractions Chi” words: Tang Song Sijhou city that is under Sijhou city, in this Guzhang will Xipinghe.    ”Man smoke miasma rain Sijhou road, fog stream flowers such as peach, Chu generals in the old division, copper pillars Lingual Chiaki tree.”Along the historical records pointing orientation and identity, I have insisted seek to find traces of Sijhou over the Old City, looking forward to have found a trace of joy, awe-inspiring but in addition to a column, in addition to peaches and plums blurred, in addition to weeds Zhen Zhen, in addition to debris rubble, what can discern?Sometimes I feel cold Time flies, gives endless regret and confusion, but prosperous and Seoul feel the years is so Sijhou love mercy, while flooding has left Sijhou bustling soul shine through the ages of Sijhou – chichou Tongzhu.From here, we can feel the pulse beating Sijhou, imagine Sijhou once flourished.After all, while there are very sad struggle, there is a so exciting events of the past, there is a benefit to the people start to create.    Chunhuaqiuyue, Cang dog Baiyun.Sijhou pride of white hair, the Millennium pillars, Tujia.Sijhou white hair, deep end and Art, far more than is the cradle of Tujia; Millennium pillars, in order to greatness, then why not do Tujia clan emblem?