Ancient boat guy Den

Ancient boat ancient boat guy guy Den Den is the home of Zhou Jian Da Den. Zhou Jian Dazu membership Hengyang, grandparents for a living to move to the East County Lu quay settlement.Because here yard, rely waterway dealings, his father out of a desire on the vessel, its child named “ancient boat guys”.Therefore, the veteran Zhou their place of birth, that is Xiangjiang River First Bay, under Jianfeng, next to the temple incense lasted nearly a century old house transformed into a den guy ancient ship. Many former residences of celebrities, basically empty, leaving only Zhaizi, mountains, rivers or ponds, for people to look.Its fresh life trajectory, brilliant matchless career, were moving moment of historical achievements, can only focus of attention in the course of history go, to cherish the memory.Week old is not a big celebrity, but a local philanthropist, good man.His study “fails to empty the building, where the traditional Yun.Cultural power road, offering a basketful chat function “.Den no books, but there are hundreds of sub-painting from around the country to collect, process works, including poems, couplets, calligraphy, paintings, stone carvings, photography, bamboo stick, etc., mostly from everyone, Malibu hand.These works “outstanding cultural heritage of both the motherland, but also the sublimation of traditional Chinese culture..Not only elegant, it taste different, but also tremendous Manner, convey powerful positive energy. “. Into the study like walking into the painting Grand View Garden.Came to the main hall, Hall left the wooden wall in the middle is still tour calligrapher wrote the “ship of ancient man den” five characters, dignified vigorous, vigorous strokes, Pumao vigorous, flowing charm.Below is a week old own writing, writing Boat Song Changtai ancient man den profiles, articles poetic, unique calligraphy.Left and right are the famous calligrapher Qi Gong, Li Duo, Shen Peng, Ouyang Zhongshi, Aixinjueluo yuzhan other works, Tang Shen Peng Yu Shinan book poem “cicada”, “vertical string of cap drink clear gel, flow out loud Shu Tong.Home shouted from far, is to use non-autumn “, hardness and softness, glittering; Ouyang Zhongshi book ‘level ridge should try a horse, awaiting the wind sail’, Yan Wan beautiful, chic Yi; Li Duo Book” Cangwu related Shun , the trip to the south still not here.Bamboo rustling tears, Miao Yuan Jiuyishan “unadorned Chen Xiong, vigorous upright, natural and graceful and smooth; Song Liu Yuxi Aixinjueluo yuzhan book” willow leaves word “,” Saibei plum bamboo flute blowing, Huainan Gui tree hill word.Please Jun Mo played the former song, listen to sing a new turn willow leaves, “free and easy charm, vigorous vigorous, agile body, methodically; Qi Gong book” broad and deep late spring, food to be boat back.Extravagant extravagant Ophelia exhibition, weeping willows sweeping re-open the “velvet glove, natural and easy, graceful elegance and charming gorgeous.There are some unique calligraphy calligrapher, filling their room, the scent of ink bursts. Side of the hall there are two, one is a tea room, a room is written, are covered with words, books, paintings.Is tearoom mostly local native painter of calligraphy.Beautiful women sitting at a long table tea make tea, guests are free to come offer a cup of tea.A beauty, a few patrons, the number of deputy walls hang paintings, elegant Fun, wells.This is the den design and producers Song Changtai its student-centered visits den specially designed scene.Painting is usually between weeks old painting, calligraphy land, hanging on the wall is Liu Mingtai, Zhou Jinlong, ZHENG Ying Zhou and other old and my calligraphy, paintings.Weeks old calligraphy graceful, yet the whole chapter and regulations, which they painted shrimp, bamboo lifelike, and Chen went to raw bamboo sticker, after decades still immortal. Followed by camphor garden and balcony.Zhang little garden, planted some trees and sweet-scented osmanthus flowers, leading to the back door in the wall hung a 12 weeks old my “Ode village” poetry, respectively, by weeks old himself, children, grandchildren writing, carved soapstone.Not only words are written pretty cool, and each poem is full of Zen, filled with nostalgia for home, admiration.Remember one two “Wangjiang” poem, one is “ancient river port in front of thousands of miles, surging generous and generous.Koki shares have water back, wake up wandering hometown newspaper, “is another song” The river flows through the white beaches, like the left side of the stone fruit plate.Edible be advisable to watch, advise a word Mo greedy heart. “.Before one said, Portrait hometown of Xiangjiang River water torrents, toward the sea.But because there was a “back water”, stirred up every Lu quay out people who have a heart return home.Weeks old, too, he was an active fund-raising for the construction of new rural hometown to contribute, Temple incense expansion, renovation Central Primary School and village clinics, nursing home village, the village department, the village library and so on, by the old folk praise and affection.After a legend Guo He borrowed the mountain, warn future although there is an inexhaustible supply of gold and silver, but not greedy, self-defeating.After reading these 12 “Ode village” hymn, they went to the back door, back door is an ancient barrier over hundreds of years, wrote a couplet weeks old people on both sides of the back door “between ancient camphor tree foliage, small garden between Guangxi and Hunan “.Although small park here, but in between Hunan, Guangxi, location is very important Oh.In the camphor garden, in the weeks old hands built two two-story house, live in the first floor and second floor of the exhibition hall between writing.What were full of “happiness,” Gu Nianzu landscape, etc..The atmosphere is also very strong local culture. Why spend weeks old so much wealth and energy to build their own is not here Nagai’s Den?In his own words, it is to serve the community, Thanksgiving hometown, dream round Cultural Complex, home to nourish human life with the culture, with art inspired by his hometown of inspiration for his hometown people live with more poetic, let’s face becomes home a more colorful.He has posted a couplet on the door: “good pay off the ship ancient ritual, the text will be a nice ring den.”I believe because destined, only in this shared culture and art bring us beautiful and moving.Because destined only to explore each other in this vein and root origins of traditional Chinese culture.Because destined, only one here met with words quite well, Closely consultation, Brief Encounter. Ancient boat guy Den, has become an attraction Lu quay, became the first Gulf tour to Xiangjiang River, the temple incense to Buddha can not go place.