Amidst Lian City

“Canhong Tsing Hang small branches, Chunyan title mud newspaper Chunxiao.Lianyuan City last night rain concentrated color, ink Dan painted pretty spring.”Last night rain buckle windows, drowsiness totally disappeared early in the morning, alone, Chengzhaoyusan walk in the park trails, because rain, very few people walking, surrounded by quiet, only the rustle of the rain, such as silkworms bite leaves, around in this vegetation is even more clear emerald rain dripping, exudes a breath of fresh, aromatic, this is the unique atmosphere of spring, all the backlog of the past in mind confused, dissipated in this rhythm of the spring rain and do.Nightlife Network garden trees is the biggest beneficiary, rain dripping down along Shujian, it became a string of juicy notes.A huge Ligustrum lucidum, flavor cleared, fallen over the floor, a pair of swift passing from the lake in the distance in a hurry.In these circumstances, really should be a “Petals were independent, light rain Yan Flying” the poem.    Embankment side, Xiao sharp burst on the scene, wearing little bit of bright red roses, dense rain, Joan beads chaotic scattered, green Nenhong thin, see compete with bees and butterflies flying, listening to the weeping willow branches cuckoo sings joy.    The distant past high-rise faded grim faces, cast a faint watercolor, become warm up, the grass also secretly drilled the ground, a big green knit network, on the last night, planted from Yu occasion this morning the city is clear emerald harvest.    Lovely rain, selfless rain, drizzly you down, wake up the earth, off the ice and snow, winter trees soothe the wounds, and wash away the remnants of winter.Decadent to give warmth and comfort, failure to ignite new hope.