Amid the autumn, then Acacia

Time, as if has been quiet for a long time, the window of yellow leaves, quietly and fell, carved couch man child, only to wake up from a dream of bleary a Chunhuaqiuyue.After the earth in late autumn, facing the emotional mood today, began parting, first autumn rain, the slightest cold.Also clearly tiles and white walls of the old courtyard, after years of telling the lonely.    Autumn rain dripping, the sound of beating Diaolan windows, intricate heart, would like to take a pregnant Acacia, the Mexican Institute chapters, soak a fleeting, warm the smoke, leaning out of windows to listen to the music and the cool, sad melody.Or reluctant to give up all in the Red Mo, Nian Hua sweet; in the solitude of the night, burning the midnight oil hovering; at the moment, to miss warm.    Huang Ju eaves, the rain withered, I rely on a shallow mind.I think this must be for my falling rain, subtle but calm, I like the passage of time, so I give birth to pity.Earthly parting sentiment, although unusual, twist and haggard, misty rain, who did not desire to have a pear, for their own bloom Internati.The time go calm, misty rain today, I hope only slender figure but the chrysanthemum, fatigue in this cold rain, and even narcissistic failed.(Chinese prose network WWW.SanWen.COM) Looking back now, have the most beautiful in the spring, walking rushed to meet a bloom of romance; also in pictorial night like the night, under the moon ascends the building, looking a Apricot blossoms open.Only I hope that Iraqis of their own can wait.How many Red Clutch?How many world traveler?Everything seems to be unintentional, if everything is unreal.In front of the rain, but also the end of seasonal dust stranger was come when they come, when they go to.    Ground outside the window, thrown a thin flow of water, there are autumn dripping, so melancholy day, Acacia for me, why would I stop idle?Fabulous Yin, if the mountain stream, at your fingertips, gently play, light singing lips slowly, lingering cloud water then and now dreams.Busy time all the way, I always think, what I lost, however, is not leaving you, perhaps, I have not understand their own when this.    The rain is still out of the window of baptism, the case just brew tea, there is a ray of warm dense gas alone, a tie Tang, is the breeding of leisure drying, scenery fleeting edge, it was as pretty as ever.Although the circumstances have changed spend months, but did not disturb each other too quiet, I still like treasure.Like carrying Acacia tenderness, in the world of November, to the history of ink in search of deep shadow blurred Qinhuai the two sides, to express some aesthetic over the years.Product started in the tea, thoughts drifting out the window, and have a will, this pattering pattering autumn rain, quietly fade, leaving a wet city.Between heaven and earth, like reading a book by profound mood, make a kind soul had a clean sweep, so the initial melancholy become dull.In many cases, it is not necessarily painful Acacia, between people, be able to meet with a man, he had accompanied the years, not only the fate.Yichen via passing landscape, will see to it that not all Chaomu accompanied, if one can voiceless, gently move the ear, is that if this autumn, to be dispersed, and also owned the original landscape, not to make any Review.Perhaps, once met, I have to stay deep in your heart, but also perhaps a moment of passion, but please remember, if it is painful, I will quietly leave, as you quietly into my heart all not sad not happy.    Rain, come rustling, like you have in your direction, forgive me Fengyun due to the intersection of the moment, the fall of the ancient dream of the heart, in the autumn, turn the dream weaving, Yang Liu Ruyan next turn, Nama gorgeous, scene of several Fan reproduce.Triple autumn, flirtatious flowers, rain, Acacia, rendering the infatuation years poetic pen, in the bustling, brightly lit office, who pick a cage lights, which families in front of the graceful posture hit it off?Close the book, calm down, I know you would like to be a man in purple street Red, horizon this end, choose the flower asked warm, book sent to security.Make a plain woman, calm and safe, so, Acacia cases, there will be flowers solvable language, lonely, there can listen to month, as always, style.The distance you, or this life stage staged an opera with me, for you, I, once so tender.