Part One: Amber is a frosted late in the night, in addition to quiet the only light outside urban centers kindle yellowing of the night, as well as across the corridor through the night lights.From time to time on the floor below also heard several loud sound of a few bad boy, like the vast countryside as clear old cattle hysterical cry.Echo effect may be, it could be the night’s sake.Radiator regular rotation audible mechanical, and is now down a little miss summer cicadas.  Many trees inside the campus, but could name only ginkgo and Indus.Ginkgo leaves are small, but very delicate, but very large sycamore leaves rough, they float together in the cold wind, the earth fell on the asphalt and concrete, is the trimmed lawns also unusually sparse lying A few pieces.Some people came from their body, someone waving a broom packaged them, someone will be kicked about, and then they reluctantly flew up, in fact, just playing a few rolling in the air.And the cold weather is not commensurate with those yellow leaves are not out, those tireless, from newborn to grow old with green leaves has been.I do not know what they will turn yellow, then reincarnation.Not all branches of leaves can get nostalgia.Intermittent rain the next day, if it is in the spring, we will certainly describe it as a very gentle, very considerate.Thin, gently, to see that it is drifting away from the eyes, he tried to grab one, seize the entire season of joy or sadness; if it is in the summer, hot in giving people scratch Jisi cool, naughty child they never take an umbrella, the whole world is wrapped in rain which, like a frosted handed down ancient century amber, very clear in the memory, is very fuzzy in front; if it is in the fall, then, still wearing summer children occasionally playing two chills, shivering all the complaints about the fall.Different now, although under very thin, very light, but accidentally drops his face still feel cold, cold, like head shrouded in a heavy heavy net, sticky, go where people feel living in them.  Do not know when to begin, there are a lot of things yet to come and share with friends, it has been decaying in his heart.Finally thought of something worth laugh, smile steal their own, only to find that all of these rust and patina, or is it broken again hastily put together has lost edges and corners of memories.The past is so be it, no friends, greetings, it is easy to become the oldest.    Part II: Amber remember the year to come to Helen, brother home to buy a desktop computer, never playing over the next two I can tinker with this thing from time to time.I do not know anything else only rookie will get there on Tencent Tencent some space to steal food ah what, then gradually mastered some basic computer knowledge, it is only a junior novice.  When my baby girl to my application number to me took a network called “amber”, said Shang Hao beat the computer, HUPO, also played really good, but also good to hear, that is, this thing is not very amber understand, nothing to do when he found a lot in Baidu, the search does not matter, I called down to the imagination, enthusiasm abundant.  The original Amber is a buried underground over millions of years of organic matter, like fossils, just after some kind of chemical change from one form turpentine.If you happen to have a flutter insects such as moths to a flame inside, will be live this substance tender package, buried underground, after thousands of years of evolution in the process of years of formation, to form a priceless amber.  It is said that “Amber hidden front” is the most precious amber, which I have not heard.Resources also said that there are businesses in order to reap huge profits using modern technology modeled on some of the valuable collections of amber, real ones.However, no matter how modeled can not escape the eye of experts.Although the material because of fake amber realistic, touch up and feel the cold, insects inside glance is modern, and is a dead, and then re-made amber on the inside, so it looks lifeless.  Resources said that the real amber color and mellow, exude a soft light, feel is very soft, which was wrapped in Tibet, although an insect, but the whole body exudes the aura.Only hidden inside amber heart worm, it is one with more than millions of years-old worm, with the ancient atmosphere, and at some point millions of years ago, it was by one dazzling colors or is seductive atmosphere confused, selflessly stick in there, so that it is completely dissolved in a solution of years does not rot, solidified into a beautiful object we breed an imaginative.  Amber is regarded as the mascot, it is on behalf of the European cultural gems.Roman women, there will be stones in your hand habit, reason is at the palm of your hand, amber heat can emit a light, elegant aroma.Romans value given high amber, amber carved a small statue of a slave is higher than the value of robust.Amber also can eliminate pain Anticonvulsant, often in some places for the children to my chest a string of amber, this evil Anticonvulsant.  Amber is November birthstone.My daughter gave me the screen name probably is derived from my birthday is in November, and I need this music I like even more screen name, also my space log called “amber mood” wantonly showed off.Until I went to Helen, jubilation took home a stack of sub-Buddhist, treasured home after crazy view, we know Amber is also regarded as sacred Buddhist community, with gold, silver, pearls, coral Helen in a bookstore, Drainage car, along with glass as a Buddhist Qibao.Since fear for several days, check the amount of their own in private, I have begun to taste the Buddha is an ordinary rhyme fragrance of Buddhist and son, although deified pay homage to the Buddha Sakyamuni, to become one of the seven treasures of Buddhism is even to be pure and true painstaking practice for the job, maybe my life will not reach such a state, then what is called amber qualifications!So I put their screen name changed to “happy that Alan Walker,” and added a line of text at the bottom Description: Briefly mentality practitioner is to repair the line of silence.Net nightlife legend, Amber is the ancient Greek goddess of Harrison Tis tears changes made.Why goddess tears?There is a story in terms of this matter, very poignant.  According to legend, the daughter of Harrison Tis the sun god, fell in love with Toshiro tall Gegefae, however Phaethon with the same father with the mother as an excuse for her, and every day with the exquisite beauty of the springs goddess Nuoyi in pairs.  Jealous of Harrison Tis fabricated a lie, claiming that Phaethon is actually the mother and the mortal born of fornication.Proud Phaethon credulity has never lied to his sister, the grief that even the sun god Apollo guarantee would not listen to.Impulse, he jumped into the car the sun, out of the palace.However Phaethon sun simply can not control the car, only to let it be devastating in time and space shuttle.The dry prairie, forest fire, lakes into the desert.The world is full of endless grievances.  Harrison Tis regret, cruel released a scorpion bite Phaethon ankle, wants to stop him.But it was too late, the burning of Phaethon, together with solar car crashed into the broad river 埃利达努斯.Harrison Tis desperately crying for four months, finally turned into a poplar, her tears then turned it into glistening amber.  Western fairy tales to explain something so that we can understand the East and West of the world the true nature, true misery.Perhaps the suffering people of the world will be like after casting such as amber gem of despair.Such as King Diamond, such as gold —– Harrison Tis the sun god Apollo’s daughter, she became a poplar.Everywhere in the northeast poplar, on every tree has a dry eyes, I think that’s right eye goddess, the goddess also for their suffering and tears it?Perhaps she is now integrated into the Oriental human life, realized the most successful spiritual world, the sun is her · fatherly, paternal bathed in glorious day, very open-minded, and borrow poplar eyes observe the world, sometimes because of the suffering and sorrow of the world’s public tears, but tears to go through this long, long time to decay, become amber, gold becomes a human treasure.  Thousands of years after he or she is lucky enough to see hosting the Games as amber, that’s a good thing our lifetimes rare!    Part III: Millennium amber Inscription: next reincarnation golden, Sansei stone, Lethe River, amber pour tears like flowers Yan.Pour love a thousand years, reincarnation also Meets West, generation after the king read, looking forward to the final meet.  Accustomed to cold inside when hugged text cast a warm, quiet night in fear full of expectation and makes Kenshi lonely soul.I used the tenderness of gratitude, embrace the fate of the cruel and ruthless.  Fate dictates, you let me have a beautiful encounter.Sedimentation time, did not play down his feelings for you.Millennium joys and sorrows with Chilian, had loved amber cemented fill all space and time.Even had resigned last fall, at any time through the light at the Long empty Qifeng Hanyu and sunshine, leaving one dream pull!  Helpless soul, wandering in the familiar atmosphere filled with strange world.Shallow wind carrying the Heartbreakers song drifting away, the whole room was filled with the taste of heartache.  Hovering in the habit every night, eating away any thoughts of my heart.Look at the starry night sky, quietly listening to the tenderness of laurel tell.  Suddenly there is a meteor across multiple meteors can bring hope I miss you.It can not, it took only wish I promise at the moment, even if can not be achieved, it can be really beautiful, beautiful.And you met by chance in the inevitable.Cecil strands Qiannian, thin dense.In each you want to read you, pull around three thousand Red.  Difficult and impossible to imagine where the unknown past, a form of amber hardships.Or, no one to care about an amber “breeding” process, only to see it absolutely exquisite, crystal clear.  Lonely unmatched in the lush, quietly listening to Amber’s heart sound.Reach out, touch, sigh, you have to pursue a passing mark.Xixu the beautiful Nirvana you, pity you matchless face, knowing that I have fallen in love with you.  How many such nights, had lost count.Reliance on a quiet night, it allows me to find the truth hidden in the day in their own.Discovered that the original could be so longing for a friend, is a blessing.Occasionally I hate the world, hate their own dedication to the emotions, hate that silly myself, then finally had to yield under their own inner call.  What luxury do not want to Me, quietly willing to accompany you in this chaotic world.More often, accompanied by a piece of paper Su Jian breeze moon, you hang on the curtain of the window Xuan, silent, speechless.