Blue Yan Hongyan

Blue Yan Hongyan, a previous life I owe you, or, you owe me.Perhaps the last generation we were not able to take loved each other, had a chance gentle, on account of the war-torn hurried retreat, cut off from our contact, I order to defend the country, the expedition beyond the Great Wall, Civil war, the East West to discuss cutting, you work hard at home —— tired at night and hope maybe, you are the last generation wealthy daughter, I am abjection scholar, our first encounter, mutual admiration at first sight, but ultimately wreck duck two fly.    Blue Yan Hongyan, was never meant to let you in my life met at the wrong time, it can only regret the continuation of a love.Is God’s sympathy and attention, you let me meet again in this life, although the encounter late, you have a wife, I have a husband.Leaving us sigh is heard only in the fleeting years, only let Xiangsichengzai such as flooding rivers.    Blue Yan Hongyan, a situation different from that between friend and lover, as loved ones.Is when you need each other, he ‘she’ could fly around you, and regrets that person.When thoughts of each other, met on the side, sipping tea, listening to music, watching each other, talk about the confidences considerate language.I took your little hand, you took my arm, climbing together, flowers, watching the sunset, hear the wind and rain together, look at the sky with Yunjuanyunshu.    Blue Yan Hongyan, is to understand you, understand your man.I know your thinking, you know my feelings.Just one look, a word or phrase croon songs, I can understand your ideas; I have a smile, a movement, you will understand —— Blue Yan Hongyan, is to fall in love, mutual care mutual care.We can talk about anything, there is always untold topic, talking, and we’ll have to smile, when you will cry, I gently wipe for you, pat you on the back thin.A few days gone, or the Internet, or send a text message, and say ‘all is well’.Rain tomorrow remember to take an umbrella, remember to pay attention to eat less fat at night.Hope always be happy with each other happiness, peace.    Blue Yan Hongyan, you remembered me I Dianzhe you toward thinking twilight and think.What are you doing at the moment, you have to smile and laugh?You can Dreamed A Dream last night, I had a dream I can?    True blue color and roots, as Dong Xiaowan and Mao Bijiang; true blue color and roots, as the Chamber of Bliss.