Blue Winter notes

He waving a wave, struggling to wipe away all the illusion of perfect from the front.Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale illusion, a ray of warm sun in the afternoon right arm across the shoulder of the Iraqi people, the moment a shadow wandering linear, eat only a little every bunch of bright IPL.Has been trying to get rid of every piece of error is not decorated with beautiful shadow.    He called the blue winter sky against lightly smile from time to time in each of the raw cold morning.According to the wind blue winter standing, in this winter of time in China, such as training, facing the sun and feel the warmth of moving.What they seem to remember, more or waiting to see who?Blue winter’s mind, between all of a sudden has become a spectator puzzled doubts.That dark secret, implies floor porch red rust-like melancholy lingering in his world.    Campus after school is very quiet, by this rare time, he was holding a corpus made on the village Murakami “Norwegian Wood”, bring a crumpled yellow notebook quickly go into teaching the roof, along with riding rather noisy sound of footsteps, mottled back, gradually, gradually disappearing in the narrow corridor, as if his mouth is often fleeting mention.fleeting time.    Time freeze, he still looked woodenly.Holding books, thought the Red.A black coat, black slacks same, but was a pair of white sneakers stained with dirt, in the ferocious wind, hanging out the slightest silky brocade-like emotions, without relying on wind erosion of the surface has been cold flesh.Why grief, only Dukang.Even his expectations in the foreseeable future in the city north of the Iraqi people, in order to appease his confused heart.Unusual silence, delicate slip cold winter crosses such as onion skin, thin blue winter’s uncertain world, his handsome looks might occasionally furrowed, then calm.    Listen to his spoken of, has been longing for a life of state.So he wishes come true, and the other end began his family’s ordinary life.However, over time the same space, he was the more gradual indifference, the more gradually feel that they do not have too many cherished family love.It probably has become a “Free Bird” of the bar, he liked the blue like never before, the kind of charm, he would be reluctant to.Because of this, sometimes, he silently through the glass of the side window, he looked up to the best arc expected to sky.In fact, he just wanted to tactfully express his inner Melancholy.Helpless and chaotic, the idea of blue in winter, do not want to have fun while also dragging its feet to keep a tidal sad.    Yong Huai worry about insomnia, loose window virtual Moonlight.Often in these times, cold poultry and withered grass, everywhere with face.Blue winter like the songs, especially the kind of classical style Nocturne, truthfully make him intoxicated, will be attracted to listen to it; things like sweeping generalizations around, then let him exposure to the secret even lawlessness; Yue taste like fresh apple , different from strawberry fruit, taste the happiness he enjoyed in.Oh, yes, he liked the recent cotton candy, and therefore traveled the streets of the town where the shops looking for different tastes.    Then rain, closely linked to the doors, I was really disappointed to be cut off twinkling eyes.Lonely Quartet angular prominent buildings, blue winter from the body, row quietly to the floor of the cold walls, slender fingers slowly across everywhere, fine look, white corner gurgling water stains, contented state of mind by the this filled the air, ferry, from shore to shore, as if the past do not need to expend all their strength to crush blows spray.Blue winter is so hazy that purpose, with a person’s self-interest, no one will know any of his ideas.When he completed the work, I can not imagine that he would return to the original place, then sit down cold ground.It looks like feel, how many pale, but also thereby obtaining the next second things do not need to deliberate carefully constructed.    ”Norwegian Wood” He looked and looked, not tired.This paper like masters like him, waiting for the emergence of a very casual thing, but it can also light up his mind shimmer in the sea, do not want to become a stray lamb.Blue winter is very selfish, life will always learn to read his books where the characters, from behavior to the speech from the character and then life skills, so accustomed to go its own way.    While others bring endless joy, but sometimes can not help but bring unintended harm, just like the text Watanabe Jun Haruki Murakami’s behavior, like blue winter’s first love.All thoughts only for their own contentment strike.    Campus song, next to the lodge high horizon never too bright glare of lights I do not know where’s the fight mist faint glow of a rainbow, the wind finally subsided mortal.Winter blue lips and teeth quietly action, also looks like singing and humming along with the campus, the melody is very familiar with, is Fish Leong “warm”.Perhaps a person to save some tired, Blue winter once again got up and left the quiet place.He looked back, thinking that this time the petty bourgeoisie ended.    Back to the empty classroom, learning books gem into the head.Hundred thousand turn back, blue winter still silent speechless.His head pillowed on a pile of books on his desk, like a cat-like body curled into a ball, her hand still holding the book, “Norwegian Wood”.Perhaps that book gave him a lot of inspiration, just do not want to put down.People often say: well-intentioned lie is beautiful.Blue learned this winter, do not remember what month and whenever he so again and again.In fact, I totally know his mind, but I am living in them, for his fabricate such a lie.    He told me not learning good college; now tell me the house is not complete without peace; tell me what he wanted to missing material and spiritual better life to worry about, as those rich people; tell me.His many minds, and for others, he is calm, at best gives the lie to talk to listen to complete his true.Sometimes, he is living in your shadow, do all the books in the state personnel already behind our thousands of miles away.Blue winter of this, a lot of unknown feelings, no thoughts that there is always some of his voice.Lying on the table Blue Winter recalls, “Norwegian Wood” There is a Naoko words: people who can not find where the problem well in.Therefore, you should never off track.Blue winter feel very interesting, so the rest of the time to a dream, to go along with the track in the kingdom.