Blue velvet

REVIEW stroll over the arched back, savoring the fragrance of the soil between the trees, feeling the gentle morning breeze in the fingers glide, although so the Ching Ming, the morning breeze in the slightly weak hint of warm, across the face after a trace of warmth away, it is still slightly cool the pan.  Like an early spring day she was gently awakened the girl, with a night spent Italian opened his eyes, that mystery hazy, tears glistening eyes side two drops slowly slide down, a tear quietly moisture from the burgeoning child, green grown hair, appear to be so satisfactory, another drop of the dough falls embrace of the earth, the stroking after a winter blow kill skin, chapped tender scar heal Road.Looking at the full trauma of the spine, a man was moved to the tears, leaning on the face of a gust of wind turned into quiet tears drift away.    The morning air floating bursts of vigor, driving a winter sleeping tired, propped breeze, with cries of greeting in your ear you whisper, a long sigh with relief, looking at the air This moisture condensation, as if you smiled, laughing with four dispersed.Horizon of a hill also seat a pleasant glow green, arched like a winding path also highlights out of the foot of the bowstring do not know when the dough to melt off, tell the nature of language, drip drip of whispers , large bluestone river I do not know when they will have covered with dark green moss, like stubble general growth in bluestone Lianpan.Jicha see the sky noisy sparrow, the stubble on the face side of a slight tilt up, kind of looking at the sky, laughing children.    Walk on the arched, savoring the fragrance of the soil between the trees, feeling the gentle morning breeze in the fingers glide, although so the Ching Ming, the morning wind slightly warm hint of weak, taken across the face after a trace of warmth, it is still slightly cool the pan.I fiddled with the breeze like a soft hair black hair, combing them one by one up, but also a root of black hair with comb-like obedient weak shaking.Feeling the spring breeze caress me, gradually intoxicated, among themselves lost in the spring Manshan.Sitting on a hill under a pine chair and enjoy the play in before the first rays of morning light shining look, with trees in the mountains, laughing sparrow, whispering river, a year alone first rays of morning soft.    Horizon clouds have been slightly soft yellow glow Qinren, listening to the cries of the heart beat of the chest voice, full of expectation of watching soft blue horizon.Finally a hint of soft yellow diffuse out through layers of clouds, shining down inch by inch, when the first ray of golden shine in my eyes when their expectations are instantly filled, replaced by a heavy satisfied, because I Manshan with “friends” until the moment the first rays of the morning soft light shining on the earth.Soft yellow brings me soft plume of warm, warm morning air was taken away plume of warm morning.Soft yellow stretched out his hands and stroked my cheek, like a long time missing child’s mother stroked the long-awaited child wandering in general, so warm and tender.    Shanlin Jian warmth is so gratifying, people forget, away from the hustle and bustle of the earth, abandoned debauchery of the city, erase the secular city gas, there is no infighting between people, there are only faint fragrance , tender new green, a gentle breeze, weak morning light.Some just washed in the embrace of nature with their own spirituality, sublimate their own minds, non-winner his soul, cultivate noble sentiments from.The arched walk slowly along, wandering in the mountains, hesitating disappeared in the spring Manshan.[Editor: Can children]