Blue Moon Flower

Strange and beautiful scenery of the Blue Moon flowers, long in the mountains of most suspension edge, your reflection in the water, such as that jewel, brilliant, your beautiful figure, like the shining star, you are a dream, beautiful and elusive, you are the sun, I You can only admire.what!May my lovely blue flowers, I love you so much, love your graceful dance, love your rosy lips, black eyes and that you.However, I can not have you, I said, I want to get you, they say, only God can have you.I said, Who is God?They say 100,000 people have a God.I think maybe, I’ll wait for you to get.I will always wait for you, I will find you are born with this, ah!I love the Blue Moon flowers, the United States was so unassuming you, I love you so crazy, although I have not to pick you I will use my life to meet with you, my Blue Moon flowers, ah, I most I love the blue Moon flowers.