Blue mood, blue Qin shore

When Nama was removed Qin blue clouds linger across the sky in July millennium strings, from fingertips who wore a blue wind and the transfer of mood, urging open the other side of the fireworks with you and I share the wonderful Golden Age and moved to the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, my attitude to the everlasting wait for your warm jade smile from the other side quietly blooming when the snow waiting for Love from the blue I would like to slowly fall under the moonlight Masterpieces to dream Ma you were shallow discretion humming, Zuiwu fleeting waited at the blue Qin Cham through Jingyuan’s tall Toshihaya you to catch the charm pen Yufeng, the text in this chic sky come and go, laughing rivers and lakes Since then, Netease wrote one old legend Liuguangfeiwu season, I would like to adopt a ray of gentle blue in the deepest of the mortal world, as you hold a pen and songs when the mood enlivened, please promise when rolling wave surge from I catch a cup of sake in the fate of the smoke condensate Dicui season brought the deepest most sincere wishes for your birthday