Blue Lovers

Long river channel scouring his memory, he took away a lot of old memories, but in the depths of memory, also printed keep such a poignant story.Time, place and the name of the story takes the characters have been blurred, as if for a long time no one to clean up, but the content of the story fairly Xi.    Long, long ago, there was a girl has a crush on a boy, because of her fear, she feared the boy would refuse her, so she has not been to confession boy.    One day, the boy suddenly told the girl that he liked a girl’s best friend, the girl would like a go-between.Girls hear, ignorant, she suddenly did not know what to do, I do not know hi or worry.    At dusk, the girl returned home, she could no longer control the tears, crying, sad cry, cry all night, crying broken heart.That night, the girl like a lot The next day, the boy became a messenger from the next day, the girl, a go-between to help him.How I wish the boy girl letter was addressed to her it!But this, after all, is fantasy, not reality.This life went on for a year.    A year later, the boy female girls on their school, but the girl’s heart has been on boys, to this end, many emaciated girl.When the girl found some abnormal behavior of a good friend, the girl began to suspect the boy might do her good friend unhappy things, or broke up with her.These learned, the girl’s heart has been broken, she is a good friend of change and heartbreak, the boy was the wrong choice and heartbreak.Girls could no longer restrain his feelings, so she wrote a letter to the boy the boy is the secret of her heart.In the letter, there is this sentence: “In any case, * on * my birthday that night I wait for you phone.”Birthday girl that night, around 1:10, the girl by the machine rang, but the girl did not take, because she was not a boy like the phone, but his people, his heart.How I wish the girl outside her home was holding a bouquet of bright roses, loudly shouting her name, love her too!But this is her fantasy, not reality.    Channel memory have been damaged, the top mark became blurred, some can not see the big.    I do not know how much mortgage over a period above the mark began to become clear, but has come to the end of the story: Even now, still a girl, because her heart was wounded in the heart, it is difficult to scar smooth, the only love in order to smooth scars that will, rejuvenate the mind, because love is sweet.But sometimes, love is a burden, it is because of this girl can not put down the burden, to make her heart lost its way, Khenpo to better this world, missed many opportunities to erase the wounds of her own frozen heart , still living in the past, can not come out from that in the past, the courage to face reality, to pursue a new life.    Girls, let those who have become their own fond memories of it!As the lives of the most beautiful turn, do not hesitate far too beautiful scenery, there is a boy is there for you, waiting to open the long-frozen heart for you, waiting for you to heal those wounds, so sunshine back to your heart, make you feel that this world there is true love.You are no longer a person is not alone, because the distance that the boy has been waiting for you ······ QQ342792137